How many sea turtles did we release this pawikan season 3?

As the wet season rolls in along the coast of The Philippines, so does the pawikan breeding season come to an end. It is at once fast and slow. Honestly, until now I am amazed at how long this third season was. We were releasing sea turtle hatchlings up until May!

It’s hard to be an adult in a natural history museum

Visiting Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt brought back plenty of childhood memories, of being 10 years old and going on educational tours with my family. I remember waking up at dawn and boarding these big busses to Manila with 200 other children, being queasy and terribly car sick along the way and quickly forgettingContinue reading “It’s hard to be an adult in a natural history museum”

Falling in love with Maastricht happens like this

Heavy rains led us from Brussels all the way to Maastricht. I imagined a huge rain cloud above covering the bordering countries of Belgium and The Netherlands, like a never-ending dough of rolled out cinnamon roll except it is made of rain, not butter. We thought we’d stop by on our drive back home, evenContinue reading “Falling in love with Maastricht happens like this”

Thank you for 22,855 turtles swimming in the sea

I am one of the few lucky people in the world who has seen over a thousand sea turtle hatchlings crawl towards the sea in one go, suddenly changing the color of the coast, their small, fragile flippers leaving distinctive marks on the sand – living art in itself – but try as I might,Continue reading “Thank you for 22,855 turtles swimming in the sea”

Two ocean adventures and lots of fun in the sun

Check out our backyard! Well, more like backwater. About 10-15 minutes by boat from the tiny house is this gem of a coastline with clear emerald waters, fun cliff jumps, and rock pools filled with colorful marine animals and cool plantlife. I remember coming here a lot with my father as a child and IContinue reading “Two ocean adventures and lots of fun in the sun”

Fall travels: 3 countries, 8 fairytale destinations, and a surprise ending

Funnily enough, the coming of the colder months brought us more travel opportunities. It makes me glad because I seem to be more adjusted to the climate and more prepared with clothes so now having fun outside is possible even if it is not 30 C. Our adventures this Fall started in the Alsace, aContinue reading “Fall travels: 3 countries, 8 fairytale destinations, and a surprise ending”

Where to eat in Prague for vegetarians

We visited Prague for a short holiday last month and on the train, we were sat next to two women from Berlin who were wondering where to eat in Prague since they are vegetarian. I feel like this is a legitimate question, the local Bohemian cuisine being known for meat dishes, like goulash, grilované klobásy,Continue reading “Where to eat in Prague for vegetarians”

No meat, will barbecue plus other thoughts on seasonal eating

What do you give your non-meat eating friends when you invite them to a barbecue? Before, I would assume they are doomed to sides, unable to fully enjoy the experience. Now I know better, of course, and am having a good time eating and running experiments this barbecue season.

What I learned from gym climbing as a beginner

Is it funny that I prefer facing someone trying to roundhouse kick me in the head than go climbing in a gym? Yes? No? I respect climbers and am fascinated by what they do, but I have always thought it was not for me. It was for Markus though. He has climbed before when heContinue reading “What I learned from gym climbing as a beginner”