Two ocean adventures and lots of fun in the sun

Check out our backyard! Well, more like backwater. About 10-15 minutes by boat from the tiny house is this gem of a coastline with clear emerald waters, fun cliff jumps, and rock pools filled with colorful marine animals and cool plantlife.

I remember coming here a lot with my father as a child and I still enjoy it many years later. We made this trip earlier this month with my sister and it was so much fun – sunny but cool, water with ambient temperature, and we had the place all to ourselves!

My favorite part of the day was peeking into the rock pools. They get flooded when the tide comes in and all sorts of animals get relocated inside as it recedes; each its own universe.

We saw colorful shrimps, sea urchins, crabs, star fishes, and small fishes hanging out in the baby corals and swimming around the sea weeds, everyone is just enjoying their day, not worrying if they are ever going out of this pool or when. Inspiring adventurers, they are!

Then last week, we went to another province with my family to check out a surfing beach. Is it weird that I find the ocean here saltier? The waves are definitely bigger and the undercurrent stronger.

The trip was relaxing and quiet, perfect for my sister who is the head of the intensive care unit at their hospital. She has been working like a madwoman since the pandemic started and she definitely deserved the break!

It was fun to explore the colorful restaurants and small alleys with her, laughing a lot, taking our time, and eating well.

Markus and I got a little nostalgic when we saw the gym at our accommodation, too. We met at an MMA gym in Boracay Island – this one sure did bring fun memories!

We did a nice morning yoga routine, kicked some pads, played on the bar, and practiced our rusty knees and elbows. It feels like a lifetime ago!

These ocean adventures really announce the summer approaching. It is getting warmer and our time here is becoming shorter. Making everything count!

How is it where you are?

39 thoughts on “Two ocean adventures and lots of fun in the sun

  1. Beautiful pictures! It’s amazing that you got to relax a bit, also for you sister who has worked non-stop with the pandemic! I have followed quickly your adventures over on Instagram and marveled at how beautiful and clear the water is there! Enjoy the days you have there!


  2. Gorgeous photos Micah, I’ve only been to Cebu and that was 30 years ago! You all look very relaxed.
    Here in Perth WA it’s been super hot but going to be slightly cooler next week.


  3. Wonderful photos, so bright and sunny! You both look happy and well. The ocean looks so blue, like the sky; here the sky is usually so full of cloud the Irish Sea on our east coast is often so dull and grey. Today the temperature is around 7 or 8c but take off a couple of degrees for “feels like”. There is also possible snow on the way! πŸ€—πŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ


  4. It looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us. Here in southern Ontario, Canada, we had a nasty blast of winter yesterday with about 15 cm of snow. It has been a strange winter with warm temperatures, rain and fog in January. Now the snow will probably be here until April!


        1. Hope it’s already warmed up a little in Sachsen. Here, flowers are already blooming and seeing all the buds get me excited. We visited Dresden and Leipzig briefly last year and will return to Leipzig in May to catch a concert.

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  5. We had a blizzard warning over the weekend… in SoCal!! Record snowfall on the mtns and the Hollywood sign saw a dusting of snow. My area got “graupel” (rain with hail).
    I love all the pics!!! I need Markus’ shirt!!
    I saw the new pics in Drive. Thank you!!Did the big turtle release already happen??


    1. I hope you are all okay! I worry about animals when the climate goes crazy like this. Who will protect them? The shirt was a present from my sister. Haha. All of your giftees have received their nests and seen their hatchlings? Let us know if we missed anyone! Yes, we released over 1,000 sea turtles! I think I added photos of the group that day but was unable to snap pics of the batch release because I was organizing more things. It was successful and more important, clean! I hate how sometimes environment rallies happen and they leave plastics everywhere. Ugh.

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      1. Awesome!! I haven’t checked nests vs pics… everyone who cared is happy so I think we’re good!!
        Sooo awesome that you pulled off the event w/o leaving a mess! In my more mobile days, I routinely volunteered for event cleanup… so few people are willing to do that part!! Twice, I’ve had an added bonus of a ton of liquor!!
        Thank you for everything! I have a couple things on the works and still hope to provide another donation.


        1. Glad to know they appreciate your thoughtful gifts! I laughed at more mobile days. I think next time Markus and I will always carry trash pickers with us. The beach where the turtles walk can be littered with plastic most days and yesterday we were hiking and still plastic! Thank you Bubbles, you’ve carried us for so long. No pressure, you’ve already done so much!

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  6. I enjoyed your photos very, very much. I felt myself begin to relax while reading the words. Wonderful!
    We had high winds today. I heard roaring from the ridge of the mountain behind us. Odd sounds from the porch meant the wind was rearranging the light chairs. If it hadn’t been rainy and cold, I would love to have sat outside in the commotion.


    1. Are oceans and beaches very far from where you live? I can imagine the sounds of the wind there can scare a child. I hope your neighbor Logan doesn’t mind! Early in the year, it can be windy here, too. We had branches of trees crash, bang, and scrape the roof through the night.


      1. I’m about 350 miles from the ocean in North Carolina. When we lived on Long Island NY, we were 20 miles from the ocean. We were within walking distance of Long Island Sound, although I drove to the village to walk most mornings.
        I doubt Logan is scared of wind. He plays outside often


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