Thank you for 22,855 turtles swimming in the sea

I am one of the few lucky people in the world who has seen over a thousand sea turtle hatchlings crawl towards the sea in one go, suddenly changing the color of the coast, their small, fragile flippers leaving distinctive marks on the sand – living art in itself – but try as I might, it is very hard to imagine what it’s like to see over 20,000 of them swimming in the ocean right now, having an adventure of a lifetime. All thanks to you, of course, who adopted them as eggs and gave them that 1% chance of survival!

Early this month, the hatchery shared some positive numbers: out of 27,383 eggs nursed at the hatchery so far, 22,855 eggs have hatched into beautiful olive ridley and hawksbill sea turtle babies. Each of them has been released with great hope back into the sea.

I don’t know the exact tally, but there has been a strong presence of hawksbills this season! Very exciting and seeing them pop out of the sand is always a celebration. There were even several juveniles and mature ones that were brought to the hatchery after getting caught up in fishermen’s nets. Most times, their carapaces must be cleaned of barnacles before they are sent home.

It has been 3 seasons and everything continues to be overwhelming: these precious sea turtles returning to breed along our coast, watching their babies see the world for the first time, rescuing juvenile and adult sea turtles, your outpouring of consistent support, seeing the community grow in awareness and openness, volunteers showing up every day without asking for anything in return – how can one heart possibly contain all this? I understand that the world can be a dark place but small pockets of hope are enough to keep us going. I hope it rubs off on you, too!

And we cannot thank you enough for being at the heart of all this! Thank you for continuing to lift the sea turtles up Juliette, Michelle, Michele, Brad, Lisa, Ashley, and Leeeeeenda. Thank you for putting your bet on a small community halfway around the world, trying to do their part, and pairing it with your values.

Together, we can save more sea turtles, and hopefully be the good we wish to see in this world.

The season is not over – nests remain in the hatchery and the volunteers are putting in the work every day. I will update you again as more sea turtles head home and possibly share some of my favorite memories from this season!

Again, thank you very much for being with us, for believing in us, for being wonderful people.

19 thoughts on “Thank you for 22,855 turtles swimming in the sea

  1. “the world can be a dark place but small pockets of hope are enough to keep us going.” This is as lovely as the baby turtles in your pictures. Bless you for what you do!


  2. Thank you for sharing this! It’s crazy that more than 20 000 turtles were released thanks to the conservation efforts! I can’t imagine how heartwarming it must be to see those little babies running to the sea and I really hope I can catch this sight one day! Thanks to you too for all your awareness raising efforts!


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