We are Markus + Micah, a German-Filipino couple that lives slow and eats well. We are wellness retreat and program designers, certified yoga teachers, travelers, content creators, home cooks, and this year, tiny house owners.

Previously, we were a researcher on climate change and migration for the United Nations, and a university clinical instructor and registered nurse, respectively. Our lives followed the standard life path and had all the usual elements that society deemed necessary for success. But it failed to satisfy us both and only amplified our confusion and emptiness.

In search for meaning, individually, we left our careers, traveled, and eventually realized that a good life is a self-determined life. We met while traveling, and after randomly meeting three times in three different countries, we decided to create a life that we love together. Now we build it intentionally every day, through our decisions and actions, based on what is essential for us, and not what is prescribed, expected, or demanded by society or anyone else.

We share our learnings in the retreats, workshops, and programs that we design to empower others to create their own thriving lives, too. People leading meaningful lives is what the world needs to thrive and survive. It starts by being true to ourselves and honoring who we are with how we live every day.

This blog is a catalogue of our thriving life. Thank you for sharing it with us.

What Our Participants Say

“Thank you”

Thank you for bringing us peace, for restoring our joy, and for consuming us with so much love.


“I will do it again”

The progress that happened within myself is unforgettable and absolutely invaluable. I would definitely do it again


“Perfect mix”

This was the perfect retreat for me with a big variety of interesting and empowering activities.


Let’s create more thriving lives together.

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