If there’s one German city I would suggest you visit

It would be Dresden. Granted, I have only been to six out of the 16 Bundesländer, but Dresden is my favorite so far, and it is not just because of the surprising food diversity we found there.

Located in the East of Germany, bordering the Czech Republic, Dresden is a vibrant old and new city. After being controversially leveled in World War II, the capital of Saxony was rebuilt and most of its baroque and rococo structures are standing once more in their former glory. I can only imagine what it was like here before the war, and even during its early history. There is a lot of fabulous here!

Most of the grand historical attractions are in the city center and we found the brunt of the tourists here. Think Caucasian families touring on horse-drawn carriages, schools of Asians and Hispanics, and the ever-present influencers taking over the top photos everywhere.

But I seriously did not mind it as much compared to Prague, mainly because the atmosphere is different here. I immediately noticed it the moment we came out of the central station.

Here, it is incredibly laid back. The people are more casual compared to every other city I visited and the overall vibe feels like it is no rush, no pomp. I really appreciate how it comes across as genuine. Given the millions that come here every year, that is quite the accomplishment. For me, the energy of Dresden is the best.

A close second is the Dresden Neustadt. I love this place so much I actually want to live here. Diverse, artsy, and multicultural, this part of town is filled with colorful graffiti, art shops, specialty stores, international restaurants, and everything else you can expect from the alternative crowd.

It was so interesting, layered, and nuanced. I felt creativity and energy in the air. The mix of people, ideas, and structures actually reminds of the best cities I have seen in Asia. Adding the cheaper prices, nature, and architecture to the mix, I was 100% sold.

And if you add the nice food to the tab, I would be 120% sold! Oh, where to begin? I did not expect such diversity in food and culture here. From Mexican to Georgian and Korean and Vietnamese, you will never run out of choices.

Everything we tried was really satisfying, too! It was such a great joy to tear through Dresden and eat and learn from everything we could find.

I seriously did not think much of this city before coming out but I won’t be surprised if I find myself coming back again and again to this place, just to show it off to friends and visitors just to say, “Look, I know this cool place!” I highly recommend checking out Dresden if you have not already. It is really cool.

18 thoughts on “If there’s one German city I would suggest you visit

  1. I still have a lot to discover in Germany and I’ve never been there for more than a few hours, but I have to admit Dresden had never really been on my list… until now! Thanks for showing us why you love this city – I’m sold!


    1. It’s a chocolate mouse with raspberry and pistacchio inside from Cafe Cello. I loveeee that place, especially the two women who run it. Their energy was a dream. They were positive but not in your face, very stable and far from the artificial high cheer you normally see in Western coffee shops, you know what I mean? They were so genuine and lovely.


  2. This looks amazing! I’m eating breakfast while reading but it’s making me hungry anyway 😂 Pat really wants to visit East Germany… I will add these cities to the list.


  3. Dresden sounds amazing! I didn’t know they had such diversity in their food options, it sounds like a dream come true! I love seeing the photos of you guys – you look so joyful and exuberant!


    1. Me neither. I wanted to try all the ethnic restaurants and wished I had a bigger stomach. One of the mpst interesting for me was a small Georgian shop and I learned a lot there. My favorite was a rolled eggplant with some walnut paste inside. I will try to make a version of that at some point.


    1. Where did you visit as a child? Yes, Dresden is a cool place. It has the best of both worlds. I can’t wait to see how the Neustadt develops. At the same time, I wonder when gentrification gobbles it up.


      1. My older sister was doing a semester abroad at the University of Freiburg, so our parents and I visited her there and spent some time in the Black Forest. I had a great time, but I don’t remember much. Selbstverständlich I need to go to Germany again. 🙂


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