All about my hoyas

Yes, just bring your hoyas inside, thank you.

Hoyas invited themselves into my life. I was not particularly drawn to them but the generous people around me are. I often receive propagations or cuttings as presents. Plants are plants and I will grow them all.

I just realized I have a good amount of them now when I noticed my fastest growing plants of the moment – hoyas! 

These plants are ideal for beginners, at least the common varieties, since they do not need watering every day and readily available.

Most have waxy leaves and you only water them when the leaves feel papery or thin. Overwater them and they will quickly decline! The only other requirement is plenty of bright, indirect light and your hoyas will thrive. Here are some that I am enjoying now:

Hoya Pubicalyx

Also known as Hoya Splash, this hoya pubicalyx comes in different varieties determined by the color of their flower. I am more in love with the splashy leaves than the flowers though. I have several of these, large and small, and they propagate like a charm. This particular one on the photo started from a one leaf cutting two months back and it has grown into a small plant that fast. Super rewarding to grow!

Hoya Carnosa Compacta

Two words: chunky leaves. How cute are these? They remind me of spaghetti and The Parmigiana Whisperer. I wish I could eat it. The plant, not Irene. The only catch is they grow slow. At least mine does. It has not done a thing since my sister gave it to me. Maybe the trick is to buy a large plant so you can enjoy it. I saw a video from a store in The Netherlands where pots with 10 ft long vines are sold for €9. I am crying.

Hoya Merrillii

My aunt has one that climbs up a tree. It is so large that it has blanketed the trunk of their glorious santol or cotton fruit tree. I love the fat leaves on mine and it sunstresses really nicely, making the leaves turn red.

Hoya Macrophylla Albomarginata 

The name sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, doesn’t it? I have only had this plant for a couple of months but it has grown so much. I think I started with four leaves but look where we are now! This plant alerted me to how fast hoyas grow. I could barely keep up with it! I love how the small leaves come out of its tendrils. Like leaves for ants.

Hoya Sunrise

Unlike the waxy hoyas, Hoya Sunrise needs more frequent watering, say once every three days or so? It is still not much to ask for, right? I have tried propagating these in soil and in water and both works. Again, this grows really fast. The main plant is overflowing from its hanging pot – really pretty.

Hoya Kerrii Variegata

Aren’t the heart-shaped leaves the cutest? Also known as the Valentine Hoya, this plant is mostly sold everywhere as a single-leaf cutting like the one on my skull pot. However, single leaf cuttings are not likely to grow into a plant. It will live in this cute way but do not expect more leaves to show up. If you want a full plant, get a cutting with stems, or even better, pick up an actual plant with at least three leaves.

Hoya Cumingiana

My interest in Hoya Cumingiana grew when I learned it was endemic to The Philippines. I campaign for all Filipino gardeners or houseplant hobbyists to have one! My father has kept one for so long and it basically takes care of itself. I love its coin-shaped leaves and whimsical stems. It makes me think of a fun octopus actually. I like gifting it to people. Love your own, of course!

I do not know if this counts as a hoya collection. I have not bought a single one of these but I enjoy growing them because they are easy and non-demanding. Which hoya do you like best?

29 thoughts on “All about my hoyas

  1. I love your hoya babies 😍 i’ve been adopting more plants since last month. But i don’t have a hoya yet. It will definitely be a Hoya Cumingiana if i ever get one. I must say, thank you for inspiring me to be a plant mom. They give so much joy ❀


      1. You’re the sweetest ❀ and i want to post about my plant journey so far, but for some reason I get anxiety from all the lush plants I see online πŸ˜„


          1. Thank you! I needed this. The past few weeks have been stressful because I had a lot of plant babies that got overwatered from non stop rains. It’s still a learning process for me.


    1. You have no idea how much I appreciate your comment. Thank you very much. Many times I feel like talking about my plants but I am stumped because I feel my ability to take photos do not give them justice.


  2. This is definitely a collection! I didn’t realise there were so many variations!
    I encounter the Hoya Splash quite a bit but I didn’t realise their flowers come in different colours – I’ve only ever noticed the leaves!

    Love how plants inhabit your home – beautiful!


    1. Haha. Thank you. I only have common ones. It is crazy how two leaves or even unrooted cuttings of uncommon ones go for in the US or UK. The prices are shocking! I am happy that I do not feel the need to have expensive plants or to buy plants in general. Somehow plants find their way to me and this makes me happy. Are houseplants trendy in Sg, too?


  3. Ha, I believe this does count as a Hoya collection, even if you did not buy any of them and they simply found their way to you. They are beautiful!


    1. Thank you. I enjoy them a lot. I often think about people who actively collect plants and spend thousands of dollars on them – how do they sleep at night worrying if their babies are okay? Haha


  4. They’re all so pretty! I love seeing how surrounded by greenery you are. We’ve been trying to slowly do the same and I have only killed tulips this year! 😊


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