What we do outside of the shadows

I brought the squad to the beach today…

They were very excited to go. Granted it is only a minute’s walk to the beach, but they do not leave the garden often.

I do not know if you can tell, but the skulls have plants, not legs.

As luck would have it, it was the perfect summer day – calm sea, blue sky, and not a soul was in sight.

We are very lucky to be living here, are we not? This is the same coast where the turtles that you adopted from last season lay there eggs!

The squad was pleased with the beach day. Smiles all around.

I guess you could say, these skulls are living their best lives.

Many thanks to my sisters for giving me these infinitely cool skull pots and plants!

51 thoughts on “What we do outside of the shadows

  1. Ahaha I love these pots and plants! 😄 Couldn’t help but think about the movie “What we do in the shadows” 😊 Now I kinda want to take my plants on a walk too, but for sure the scenery won’t be as beautiful as yours!


      1. Where I live, the main beaches are on the great lakes. They are beautiful. You’d really think it was the ocean if didn’t know better. And Lake Huron is knon for its gorgeous sunsets. There are other beaches on smaller lakes too. Now, on the east and west coasts, we have the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but they are a bit far for a day, or even a weekend, trip. 😂


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