The turtles are unstoppable

It has been an incredibly busy week here at the tiny house, but there is always room for turtle updates. Dear friends, your babies are unstoppable! We have more and more turtles.

Over 6,000 have been released and more nests are hatching every day. We wish you are here to witness it – breathtaking, literally. A small beak, a closed eye, maybe a pair of heads, still and tired from making the climb from under the sand. Magic. Every bit magic.

More turtles from the nests of our personal friends and families have been released, and so from our blog friends Kathy, Rebecca, Brad, Toni, And Irene. We appreciate you so much. Of course, we will give an update for the rest of you wonderful people that adopted nests. Please stay tuned!

How can we not protect these magnificent creatures? To exist beside them is a privilege. And we cannot thank you enough for your love and support, not only of the turtles but also of our local community.

It makes a big difference, you validating their efforts. As mentioned, this is the poorest community in this town, which is already a third-class municipality in a third-world country. The people are mostly timid but every time we appreciate their work with the turtles, they stand a little taller and smile a lot wider.

Your support lifts their spirit. It reminds them that being a decent person has nothing to do with income, that they can take pride and gain confidence from their honorable actions in protecting the turtles, in saving the seas. There is a lot to be done here but pawikan conservation is a great start!

We will say it again and again. We cannot thank you enough for your support. You have given the turtles and this community so much. You did not just give them $10. No. You have given them hope.

Thank you!

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We are Markus + Micah. We live in a tiny house by the sea, grow our plants, cook plant-based food, travel, and design wellness retreats and mindful programs so we can all live meaningful lives.

43 thoughts on “The turtles are unstoppable

  1. Oh wow! Y’all are amazing! Thank you for this beautiful work you’re involved in. This entire post made my heart light up with pure joy! Those turtles are adorable. I’ve always been fascinated by their lives.
    Although I adored those turtles, one of my favorite parts was this: “It reminds them that being a decent person has nothing to do with income, that they can take pride and gain confidence from their honorable actions in protecting the turtles, in saving the seas.” — Amen! Income has little to do with anything in the grand scheme of things. Rich in heart exceeds rich in money any day.
    God bless you all for doing such an incredible work in conservation! ❤


    1. Thank you, Holly. The turtles and the community that care for them are incredible. We learn so much from them every day. Interestingly, many wonderful people shared this post for that same line you quoted – I like it because it gives the turtles more airtime. They need the support.

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  2. So wonderful. Do you know which species? Around this time endangered Olive Ridley turtle eggs will be hatching on protected beaches at some spots in India. I’ve thought of volunteering for that job some year. Your photos make me want to go next year.


  3. I am so jealous! I have always wanted to witness this. We were supposed to go to Hawaii last November/December and we signed up for a shore excursion to witness the turtles there. I was so excited but unfortunately had to cancel because of the virus. Maybe another year.


    1. Maybe you are meant to witness it here in The Philippines? You never know where some things lead. In February – for sure you will see turtles being released, and eggs being nursed in the hatchery. For us, seeing these babies never gets old. It is a privilege to work for them and ensure their survival. The learning curve is high, for the community and the government, but we will keep going. No effort goes to waste. Small good things lead to big good things if we continue to work together for the turtles.


  4. Thank you so much for sharing the updates, it just makes my heart full to see that so many babies are born and this is mainly thanks to you guys, who made this all possible, as well as the whole local community behind it. 😊


    1. Thank you! We feel the same. Of course, the survival rate for these babies are thin, which is why we need more of them. We can never have enough. As long as the community keeps working, we will not tire of finding new ways to support them. Expect the updates to continue!

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  5. I’m so honored to have participated in my small way from so far away! Thank you for this update, for all you’ve already done for the turtles, the community/volunteers who rescue and protect them, and for what I know you’ll continue to do for them all. Smiling wide from here!

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    1. We will sure read your message to them. We wish you could see how their faces light up. We tell them about you all, as well, how you live halfway around the world but recognize the value of what they do. very much for your support. We appreciate you. And your Akitas!


      1. You’ve made the entire experience so much fun, so thank you! (Minor correction: Conall is an Alaskan Malamute. Easy to confuse with an Akita, both big fluffy dogs 🙂 )


        1. Thank you for supporting the turtles. The post you wrote was so nice, a testimony to what sponsoring a nest is like. Do you mind if we direct anyone in the future to that post if they ask what happens after they adopt a nest? And sorry, yes, same A’s but opposite parts of the world as always!


    1. Thank you, Laura. First, I am so happy to finally know your name. It is like having a friend you always see for tea without knowing their name. Second, please check if you sent the correct amount? It is incredibly generous and if it is a typo, please let us know immediately so we can fix it. If it is correct, we do not know what to say, except we almost dropped our phone and we may or may not be crying right now. We will send you an e-mail about this, too. Thank you!

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              1. Thank you. I’ll answer here – use the money however you wish. It’s your money now.

                Thank you for your concern about it being a mistake. Please don’t give it another thought!!

                Your appreciation makes it worthwhile for me!

                Do good!!!


    1. Many thanks! This conservation project has our whole heart and we cannot be more grateful for the support and trust of our blogging community. Lucky turtles! They deserve it though.


    1. Thank you, Ashley. Over 6000 have now taken to the sea. Actually, I should have mentioned that on my post and will update it. Yours are still incubating but we will sure update when they hatch. Such an awesome news to send really.


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