So we missed our first blog anniversary

This sums up how much we care about special days. Thanks to WP for reminding us late on 24 March that our blog has turned 1!

Following are our thoughts on what the past year has been like for us and thanks to all of you who has been with us this first year. We appreciate you very much.

How did this blog start?

“Hey, we should start a blog”

Markus: We were totally done and itching for action at the same time. We had thought about a blog in the past, Micah even had her own a few years ago. So, we decided to go for it.

Micah: It was a quarantine project, a coping mechanism when the lockdown started last year.

How are we different now compared to then?

Markus: Much more natural. Both with the blog and in general – it is probably interconnected like that.

Micah: Blogging here feels more natural now. Like moving into a new home and finally settling in. If you back read our earlier posts, it was mainly Markus writing because he is nice like that.

What is it like to blog as a couple?

Markus: Super enjoyable! We have totally different ideas at times, we get to read each others’ posts and we get in touch with so many cool people from all around the world.

Micah: Really fun because we sometimes bounce ideas around and talk about our blog friends like you are all our neighbors coming for dinner on the weekend.

What have we written and how do we write content?

Waiting for ideas

Markus: I 100% depend on spontaneous ideas. A thought pops into my head and I write about it – that’s it. Planning content has never been my strong suit.

Micah: Some blog friends mention us in posts and several times, I have read how difficult it is to categorize our blog. I suppose we are a lifestyle blog since we write about our projects, thoughts, relationship, and life. There is really no plan or strategy here – we just write when we are inspired about things that move us.

What are the best parts of this blog?

Markus: Bouncing my thoughts off everyone reading and commenting on the posts, as well as getting inspired and finding new perspectives because of it.

Micah: Blog friends. I enjoy hearing your thoughts about our posts and really appreciate the wisdom and stories that you share every time, whether through the comments here or on your posts that I read.


Favorite posts?

Markus: Of the ones I have written the “quick thought” ones. They are fun to write and I love getting your thoughts on all these things as well. In terms of impact, definitely the turtle posts. Thanks to you, they created incredible positive change in the community.

Micah: Every single post about the turtles of Pag-asa, Bagac, Bataan, not only because it is a cause that drives us personally, but for the overwhelming support you have given our community that protects these turtles every day.

Special thanks to Bubbles and every one of you who donated and shared our turtle blog posts. You helped save the turtles and have lifted an entire community. Please stay tuned for the next turtle update!

Any challenges in the first year?

Markus: Consistency. Sometimes I write like crazy, other times not at all. Fortunately, Micah was usually there to pick up the slack during my down times and vice versa.

Micah: I tend to have a singular focus and it is not easy to spread out among our projects. When it gets busy with the tiny house and the turtles, I fall behind on the blog, which kind of sucks because I like staying updated with what is happening in all of your blogs.

Here’s to year 2!

We cannot thank you enough for the love and support you have given this blog. Thank you for your friendship, humor, and wisdom.

Why do you come here and what do you want to see more of? Let us know dear friends!

Published by Markus + Micah

We are Markus + Micah. We live in a tiny house by the sea, grow our plants, cook plant-based food, travel, and design wellness retreats and mindful programs so we can all live meaningful lives.

67 thoughts on “So we missed our first blog anniversary

  1. Congratulations Markus and Micah! You guys are such a genuine and adorable pair. I’m looking forward to reading your ten year blog anniversary posts and watching you evolve in the years leading up to it!


  2. I was also late celebrating my first blog anniv. I think I completely forgot my 2nd. Haha. Happy anniv, guys! I would categorize your blog as lifestyle/ meditation (if there is such a category!) I don’t know what’s the perfect word for it. But except for the covid post just now, I just really feel relaxed when i visit your blog.


  3. Happy Birthday to your blog!! I have enjoyed both of you so very much. You are full of life and write about all kinds of things that I enjoy. You have an amazing number of followers in a short time — proof that you are very engaging. Keep the posts coming!


              1. I eat and sleep every day, but once in a while I push to get something written. I have postponed meals and gone to bed too late just to finish a post. That’s usually when a lot of other things are crowding the day.


    1. Thank you, Betty. Being positive can be challenging, especially during the seemingly endless lockdowns, but we have to try to keep going, don’t we? When is your blog birthday?


      1. Yes, of course, we have to keep going! It’s easy to be positive in good times, but it’s harder – when it really matters! I missed my blog birthday, too. I was on blogspot for about a year and then switched to WordPress. I’ve been on WordPress almost 1 1/2 years, I think. It’s been great fun, and I’ve learned so many things from other bloggers. Enjoy the day!


    1. What interests do you have in common with your husband? For us, we just write what we feel like, not really in consultation with each other. But we do enjoy reading each other’s posts and how people find them. Everyone always adds an interesting take.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My husband and I are both chartered accountants so we have common friends and work interests, we also obviously have our children and their interests and we walk and enjoy nature together. We do not enjoy the same art or books, but we like the same music and theatre productions.


        1. Oh, thank you for sharing, Robbie. Isn’t it nice to have enough common interests and other things to enjoy on your own? And cooking and baking together must be really fun. Sometimes Markus joins me in the kitchen but mostly he participates in the eating and cleaning parts.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks, Michelle. The turtles are everything. We will always support them. At the start, we actually just wrote for ourselves and each other. At some point, others joined us here and it was really fun!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations! This was fun to read. I like your coping mechanism and hope that you continue blogging even after the pandemic is over. I get the problem with consistency. It’s the bugaboo of blogging.


      1. The blog I have now is 10 years old. I had ones before, starter blogs I guess– but this one is the one that has been the most fun. So I stick with it.


        1. God, that is such an achievement. I have had a couple of blogs in the past, too. One was over five years old and the other just a year. It is fun to rediscover blogging here and make more blog friends actually.


  5. Best wishes for the first anniversary!
    It’s strange that I launched the Sustain blog on 24 March 2020! Now, it has 57 posts on climate change, coronavirus and sustainability. Thank you 😊


  6. Your young lives are so different from ours! Worlds apart too. We’re not well travelled and now in our 70s, but I read your posts, from both of you, and you always make me smile. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ™


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