We can save more turtles together

How does it feel to hold 100 years in your hands?

It is early in the morning and I am jumping around the rafters of the boats parked on our beachfront. My father is inspecting our fence. I am seven years old.

Two men approach Father. Between them is a turtle as big as I am, which they were holding captive, one flipper each. The other guy carried a plastic bucket in his other hand. They spoke to Father briefly, he shook his head, and the two men soon left.

I never saw a turtle on our beach again, or since.


I thought they were gone. I held a quiet acceptance in my heart, and remembered the turtles every once in a while, reminiscing with visiting friends. I would tell them we had turtles on our beach that laid eggs here before Christmas when I was a child. It breaks my heart, but I grew up too late, and now they are gone.


Fast forward. The pandemic hit. Tourists vanished from our beaches and our small rural town fell into a hush.

And one cold night, a miracle – turtles!

I do not know how or why, but the turtles returned, and we have been finding eggs along the coast since October.

To protect the turtle eggs, the local village started building a hatchery. We only learned about it two weeks ago. It is not government funded, just the personal project of the village chief. If the people find eggs, he buys them for Php 4 each. One nest is at least 100 eggs.  

The problem is he does not always have money to pay for the eggs and the people need to eat. It is an extremely poor village. The people could either eat the eggs or the meat of the mother or sell the eggs boiled for PhP 15.  

I cannot possibly be alive and have this happen. Again. So far, we have personally saved 2,700 turtle eggs and counting and made contributions to build the hatchery.

If we save these eggs and they keep coming back through the years, then being alive would have been worth it.


There are six kinds of turtles here: green turtle, olive ridley turtle, hawksbill turtle, loggerhead turtle, leatherback turtle, and another one that I do not know. Out of 100 eggs, between 0% to 10% will reach maturity – but every single one that makes it will have a huge positive impact on the ecosystem.

These turtles can live up to 100 years. Can you believe that? We are betting around $10 for 100 years. A phone case, a small plant, or a cup of coffee is more expensive than that.


You can also help in saving the turtles by sponsoring a nest for at least $10. All the money you donate will go to the eggs. Your name will be added to their marker and we will forward the documentation to you.

Together, we can make a larger impact, protect more eggs, and increase the chances of growing their population. The laying season is until February, or until the cold lasts. We have about two more months this season if we are lucky. This is an opportunity that we cannot let pass.

Help bring back the turtles by sponsoring a nest. Thank you very much!


If possible, please also add a short blurb on your next post about the turtles and this fundraising drive, or share this post on social media. Maybe you have followers who have a heart for the turtles and they can help, too. We can save more turtles together!

Let us open the coming year with hope. The turtles coming back is no less than a miracle and it is up to us to give these eggs the best chances for survival.

If we work together, there is hope.

We will continue to save the turtles with our maximum effort. If you decide to make a difference, on behalf of the turtles and our local community, thank you very much. Your $10 means, literally, the world. We cannot thank you enough for your support. These baby turtles are counting on you!

Help bring back the turtles by sponsoring a nest. Thank you very much!


59 thoughts on “We can save more turtles together

  1. I think turtles and tortoises are amongst my favourites animals, so I love this project of yours so much! I just sent my donation (name Juliette D. on my marker if possible!) 😊 Congrats for taking on such an important project, you definitely make the world a better place!


    1. Thank you so much! We will add the name you mentioned on the marker and update you with the adoption. It is an important project that is larger than all of us. Yet our little individual efforts can do so much. And yes, the turtles are lovely. Releasing them is like holding a miracle in your hands. It is such a privilege to work in their behalf. We cannot thank you enough.

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  2. Well done! Donation sent, happy to help your efforts, help the turtles, help nature thrive.

    Their disappearance on your island reminded me, sadly, of how native salmon nearly disappeared from my home state of Washington. Removing dams, restricting sport and commercial fishing, and doing more to protect waters where they swim to spawn are helping. There’s room for hope, just as with your turtles.

    Good luck!!

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    1. Oh, congratulations on saving the salmon. It is beyond heartbreaking when species disappear. It is unacceptable, especially because we can always do something to protect them. Thank you for caring for the turtles halfway around the world! Really appreciate your trust and support. We will notify you with the adoption and send the marker. Thank you very much!


  3. Wow, how awesome and thoughtful of the village to build that hatchery! I am very impressed with the work that you all are personally doing to help save the turtles as well. That is phenomenal! I love what you guys are doing and will definitely support the cause! Keep up the great work!

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    1. Thank you, Toni. If we do not help the turtles, who will? They already made the effort of laying the eggs, and just mere surviving through the shitshow that we put them through, so now it is up to us to do our part. What name should I add on the marker for your nest?

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    1. Thank you, Robbie. What name should we add on the marker? That is cool. Tortoises are the land turtles? I am not sure we have those in this country but we have sea turtles in some islands but they all need some help. Many thanks for supporting them! We will update you once your nest has been adopted.

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    1. Many thanks! Okay, we will send you the marker for your nest and update you when they hatch. This project is critical, and we are so grateful for people like you who care enough to help the turtles halfway around the world. Healthier seas mean a healthier world for everyone! Thank you for your support.

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    1. Thank you for adopting a nest! Yes, we hope for the best, too. We cannot thank you enough. The season is closing – we only have six weeks left, if we are lucky. Will send you the marker once you have your own turtle eggs.

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      1. Now, I tried to recall more about the book having read it so young, his name was Urashima and it wasn’t by him.. he’s the protagonist who rescued a turtle…


        1. That is a cool story. Now we can all rescue turtles. I was really surprised to find the eggs. For so long, I thought they were gone. Not sure how much the pandemic played a role, but I am just happy to see them again. During the first release of hatchlings, I honestly wanted to cry. I looked at those turtles in my hand and they will live for a long time after I am dead.

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          1. It did play a huge role because for a year, the shore had been more peaceful and the turtles had found a refuge from where they can safely lay eggs… it’s magical!


              1. I have cared for a small turtle but not as tiny as the ones on the blog. I remember finding it after a flood in Pampanga.

                Incidentally, we’ve found a turtle here too. It’s weird because Riyadh is a desert but it was crossing the street. Perhaps it was placed in one of those manmade swamps and got away..

                I haven’t had the privilege of touching small and delicate ones like what you’ve found…


                1. It seems like the turtles are finding you! The ones here just hatched, only a few hours old. You would think they are squishy and delicate but not really. It is funny because when we pick them up, they squirm so much but once we placed them on the sand, they would not move. Haha! At least at first. Then they see the sea and head for home.

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                  1. Turtles are fascinating creatures… I remember seeing something either a movie or a tv drama β€” same thing has happened, they found eggs, protected them and as they hatched, they made LED light path so the turtles woud follow the light as they head to the water… I totally forgot where I have seen that… it’s fascinating!


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