Disaster at the tiny house

So how was your evening?

What we thought was the usual thunderstorm last night turned out to be a furious whirlwind. For a few minutes, with lightning as its backdrop, plants started flying, roots seperated from pots, bottles tumbled down, the entire balcony of the future Cafe Domingo soaked, then, a mighty crack, followed by another.

A lush branch of the camachile tree on right side of the tiny house fell, squashing the vegetable patch, covering the mushroom where we have our warm morning drinks. The fallen overgrown branch blocked access to the gate from the front and damaged the gutter, immediately flooding the flower bed below.

The other crack was from the ipil-ipil tree standing at the front of the tiny house, its thick foliage once shading the tiny house from above. Had we been unlucky, it would have torn the roof. But the trunk split a little low, so that most of the dense branches rested casually above the roof, in this unsafe, maximum-anxiety-triggering way.

It happened so fast. The whirlwind passed by without care or thought and in its wake left us half-buried in foliage, branches, and a healthy dose of fear.

Oh, did I mention that all my sisters were visiting last night when it happened? They were sat on the balcony and were treated to frontrow seats to the destruction.

Nursery survived, veg patch on the other side squashed.

The rain was nothing, soft and negligible, and would have been cozy on normal circumstances. But the ferocious wind turned everything upside down. What a night!

Today, we spent most of our hours clearing debris and cleaning the mess, especially the broken tree on the roof, which required no less than a grand production to take down safely. I cannot thank my father enough for helping us first thing this morning.

We also saved the plants, let go of others that were destroyed, and started again as the gray sky gave way to the sun: slowly, patiently, with purpose.

Markus said we still got lucky. It could have been worse. The good news is we know the tiny house is strong and stable. Two falling trees and a whirlwind is no joke. Now time to rest!

71 thoughts on “Disaster at the tiny house

  1. So sorry to see but it does look like you got away with a black eye only. Do you have insurance on your tiny house especially in case for something worse❓


    1. It is all good now, like nothing happened. Actually it helped some of the small trees grow, after the shade is gone. All worked out okay in the end, but it was quite a scary experience. Thank you for your visit and welcome to our blog.


    1. It was really bad, but after cleaning the mess, it was as if nothing happened. I miss the shade in front of the house though. I had to move the nursery a little bit to adjust. Thank you for your well-wishes!

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      1. Well, not exactly but yeah extreme weather in our apartment has occured a few times. A few weeks ago a bunch of trees fell to the ground because of heavy heavy rain


  2. Oh dear me! I am so sorry this happened, Micah. It sounds like the big winds that came through near our house last Saturday night. Someone posted a picture online of their roof ending up in their living room. Hope all has been cleaned up and there was no lasting damage.


  3. I am glad you are safe and that everything is now back to normal. Was that your house? So cool! Do you have a tiny house feature of it somewhere? I love your roof esp. the shape and the color!!!


      1. I’ve never experienced such a freak storm. Blizzards and hurricanes hit Long Island, but those are long, slow storms. Was there much destruction in your general area?


    1. Many thanks. Yes, it was such a big job! We were half-buried in foliage and it took hours to chop the tree into bits so it can be safely brought down. As you know, the roof is also triangular so there is not a lot of surface to work with. But it was all cleared in the end and now we can focus on rehabilitating the plants that suffered.


    1. Happy to hear! What kind of flow did you practice? I also watch YouTube yoga teachers – Cat Meefan, Jessica Richburg, and Tim Senesi are my favorites. The current five day wellness series of Cat Meefan is super!

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      1. I should check it out. Adriene has 30 day yoga programs, but I do random ones depending on how I feel or what I am looking for.


  4. Wow! That’s a little too much excitement for one evening! I am glad all the people and most of the plants are all right. And you still have a roof over your heads. Pretty scary storm.


    1. I am used to storms. I grew up here in The Philippines. But a whirlwind is something else. It just came and went 421%! Thank you for the well-wishes. Have you experienced anything similar?


  5. Good to know that you managed to get away safe.
    Yes, natural calamities happen but those who live a simple life like you suffer the least amount of damage.
    Indeed a simple life is the course of wisdom.
    Stay safe!


    1. Many thanks – it was scary! It was a bigger worry because all my sisters were there and big trees just started tumbling left and right! The best news is we know the roof is strong. It can handle it. Haha!

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                    1. Showing off, are we? Yes, I know he will. Just right now we are both taking on other foreign languages and there is not enough space for adding Filipino to the list! We are only self-studying, too. No language school. How did you pick-up Tagalog?

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                    2. Ah so you and the wife lived here, too. Yes, I am looking forwar to practice more. Great advice. I have yet to be surrounded by German and I feel it will help me pick it up faster.

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