6 home remedies for common aches and pains during quarantine

Cake always helps, too!

I believe in medication, but I would not pop a pill for common aches and pains, especially when simple home remedies are enough to sort it out. This knowledge is handy for us while traveling, and now on quarantine. They are fuss-free, easily available at home, and have proven effective. If it works, it works. Try them out below. You’re welcome.

1. Salt in lukewarm water for canker sores.

Sometimes my teeth are as confused as I am and accidentally munch on my cheek or tongue. Always a sad day. Canker sores are so annoying. You cannot eat, talk, or kiss properly. To get rid of them, I gurgle a cup of luke warm water with a tablespoon of salt. It stings like hell but it will help heal the canker sores faster.

2. Steam for congestion.

I have a bad case of allergic rhinitis and it makes me susceptible to all sorts of upper respiratory infections. I just pick them up too fast. At the first sign of congestion or irritation, I inhale steam from a hot bowl of water with a towel covering me for 30 minutes. Rather, Markus makes me inhale steam. I get stubborn sometimes because it can be really warm and uncomfortable under the towel but this home remedy always improves my breathing.

3. Chamomile tea for upset stomach.

Admittedly, we get upset stomach from eating too much of one thing every once in awhile, like bloating if we drink too much hot chocolate or gastritis if we eat too much spicy food. Chamomile tea always relieves the stomach problems. I particularly like it because it is also calming, and abundant in Germany.

4. A cloth bag with uncooked rice for muscle pain.

This is a life saver for my period days, and a pleasure in general when our muscles are tight and tired from too much walking, working out, or doing chores. So it is a cloth bag filled with uncooked rice that we microwave for a few minutes, basically like any heating pad, and place on top of whatever body part needs attention. During quarantine, our ability to get a professional massage is non-existent, and this rice bag is a pretty cool and effective alternative.

5. Water for headaches.

Most headaches are caused by dehydration. Before you pop a quick pain killer, drink water first. Lots of it. You will be surprised at how this simple home remedy will fix most of your aches and pains.

6. Yoga for stress and anxiety.

Markus and I are both certified yoga teachers. In stressful times, it is a joy to practice yoga as a reminder that the world is not really crumbling, even if it feels like so. Even a short practice makes a big difference in clearing the mind and opening the airways. Sure, this home remedy will not solve my emotional turmoil, but it gives me the space and energy to deal with it. Also, it feels good to move the body. If it is not enough to extinguish the stress and anxiety, I recommend chocolate and other treats to fix your common aches and pains at home.

7 thoughts on “6 home remedies for common aches and pains during quarantine

    1. Yes, I think any form of tea is soothing. I do like spiced teas, too. But more for indulgence. Like the chai from India. I really enjoy that. Do you like it as well?


      1. I’m not super fond of chai tea- it’s tasty, but not a personal favorite. One of my favorites is actually the Turkish Apple tea I used to buy in Germany. Wish I could find that over here.


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