Last sunset for our turtle friends

Did you know that turtles lift each other up? In a nest, the strongest hatchlings are on the bottom. With their eyes still closed, with no idea what sunshine is, they will push their brothers and sisters above so they can break through the sand and start their journey in life.

They will then make the climb themselves, sometimes days after everyone else is out, and brave the unknown that lies ahead in solitude. There is so much that we can learn from turtles. And from all of you, too, who have supported their comeback since December last year.

Thanks to your help, we have released 7,501 baby Olive Ridley turtles back into the sea from a total of 7,908 eggs that were laid along the coast of Pag-asa, Bagac, Bataan.

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Oh, the things our books say about us

There was a time in my life when I devoured books. Think two, even three in a week. Amazing, right?

How did I do it? Depression masking as uncontrolled respiratory disease made it easy. I could not go anywhere, except to the hospital, so you could say I had time.

Of course, I amassed a number of books, most of which I have lost by now, either because I misplaced it, forgot it during my move, or gave it away. There are still some here though, a mix of favorites and mehs, the mehs curiously outnumbering the memorable ones.

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How to not win arguments

Markus is the most intelligent person I know, if not the most considerate. With the grace of a calm sea, he can listen to anyone’s argument, restate all the points better than you did, and explain all the concepts you missed while reassuring you that he understands why you thought that way to begin with.

Oh, I hate his arguing skills.

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Through the looking glass and a little bit more

After picking up the questions posted by Mrs. Bean for the Outstanding Blogging Award, here we are receiving the same nomination from Sunny Days with Juliette. Thank you for remembering us, Juliette!

She is one of the first blogs we followed because her radiant energy cannot be denied. Reading her is so refreshing. And now, on to her interesting questions!

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How to exercise again after a layoff or injury

Waiting for an X-ray in Bali one lifetime ago.

So I am happy to report that I just finished my first two-week program after a month of not doing anything following knee pain. Of course, it would be ideal if my workout routine is continuous but stop-and-go is better than not exercising at all, isn’t it?

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The worst has happened

I have been delaying this post for two weeks now, in false hope and denial, but the truth is, we have COVID-19 community transmission here in our town for the first time, a year after the pandemic began.

We are okay, of course, but the poorer communities are not. It is more heartbreaking that there has yet to be any kind of support from the local government or a hint of sound plan to fix this situation.

Worst, the spread started from the municipal hall. Not outside as the local government feared and predicted, but inside the town, at its very heart, because of irresponsibility, ignorance, and arrogance.

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5 Questions, 5 answers, well, 10 actually

This prompt is from the altogether lovely Mrs. Bean, whose posts always make us laugh. A quick Q&A for this sunny day and well-wishes of good weather wherever you are!

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So we missed our first blog anniversary

This sums up how much we care about special days. Thanks to WP for reminding us late on 24 March that our blog has turned 1!

Following are our thoughts on what the past year has been like for us and thanks to all of you who has been with us this first year. We appreciate you very much.

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How to cook for people at home and also keep your sanity

The past two months have been busy at the tiny house though thankfully not stressful. Because of the looser restrictions, we have been able to entertain some guests and it was a fun learning experience.

It is only the start but here are some of my realizations following my slew of domestic adventures on how to be the hostess with the mostess from the kitchen.

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My top 5 houseplants with the prettiest leaves

In my recent plant propagation post, I was replying to The Parmigiana Whisperer when the idea for this new post came. She is right – plants are incredibly pretty and there are ones with stunning leaves. Flowers are great but everyday lovely foliage is even better. Below are my top 5 houseplants with to-die-for leaves!

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