Free as a bird?

This guy landed next to us a few months ago.

We all know this popular turn of phrase. It seems to come so naturally. Is there anything freer than a bird? How amazing must it be not to have these challenges, obligations, emotions? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just spread our wings and fly away, our earthly tethers removed?

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Simple ways to eat more plant-based food this year

What intention did you set for 2021? If it involves eating better, can we suggest enjoying more plant-based meals in your diet? There are simple and fuss-free ways to do it sustainably and without any shock. Do I need to mention delicious? In fact, this is how we transitioned our diet three years ago.

There was no big moment, just small, everyday adjustments that you can also try if you are curious about adding more plant-based food to your table this year. Here are some easy recommendations that we hope you can try:

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A quick thought on our pandemic response

Here is something I’ve been wondering about since the start of this pandemic: Why aren’t we testing more? Vaccines are definitely a crucial component of overcoming the pandemic. The problem with vaccines, however, is that they are complicated.

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Living slow in Ocam-Ocam Beach, Coron, Palawan

What do you think: Moana or Pocahontas? No, I actually prefer Matabagka, a beloved character from a Filipino epic that originates in Mindanao. Markus took this candid photo in 2018 at Ocam-Ocam Beach, Coron, Palawan.

You are probably familiar with the magical lakes of Coron but off-radar Ocam-Ocam Beach made this trip for me. On this side of the island, there is no phone signal, no internet, no restaurants, no transport, not even a functioning toilet.

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Fuck your feelings?

Est. 2009

The phrase has seen a bit of a resurgence lately. You will be forgiven for immediately linking it to American politics. But populist hypocrisy aside, I have struggled with this phrase a lot in the past days for entirely different reasons.

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5 simple remedies that will improve your day

Improving the everyday doesn’t have to be grueling or complex. For me, these simple remedies have saved many a day from feeling like a waste of time. Perhaps they can do the same for you?

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Updates for our turtle friends and a call to spread awareness

Thank you everyone for supporting the nesting turtles of Pag-asa, Bagac, Bataan, The Philippines. Because of your help, 3,250 turtle eggs have been adopted in two weeks, and we still have sponsors for 550 more.

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The path to hell is paved with good intentions

“Oh I love the idea of that!”

The start of a new year is always a time of good intentions. Just in my last post, I talked about making 2021 the year of engagement. The thing is, good intentions may be fun, easy, and feel good. But they rarely survive contact with reality.

I would argue, though, that good intentions in themselves are not the problem. We are right to have good intentions that inspire us. The real problem lies in how we set these intentions.

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What our cats taught me about love

By now, it is hard to imagine life at the tiny house without Phobos, Deimos, and Fake Deimos. It is every bit their home as much as it is ours. My sister always says the cats decided to adopt us and not the other way around, and I really have nothing to debate that.

Our relationship started in May, when we moved into the tiny house, and since then, these are the lessons our cats have taught me about love.

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2021: The year of engagement?

This year is drawing to a close, and so it is time to think about the next. Let’s not fool ourselves: the challenges of 2020 are not just going to disappear as we turn to 2021. But a new year always comes with an opportunity to set an intention, and I would like to suggest we set an intention together:

Let’s make 2021 the year of engagement!

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