Our 4 Worst Travel Fuck-Ups

We are pros at this you know.

Micah and I travel a lot, which gives ample opportunity to royally mess things up. The good news is that a mistake made is usually a lesson learned. Even better: You can benefit from our mistakes and travel with more fun and less hassle.

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How to make free plants plus propagating tips

What could be better than more plants? More free plants! Propagating is no less than creating new life. It is fun, I get more plants, and it stimulates new growth on the original plant. Of course, it can be daunting, especially for a beginner like me, but trying is the best path to winning. Below are some of my propagation stories and some tips to make your own free and lovely plants.

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What the future brings

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Does anyone else share this feeling that humankind is closing in on a dramatic climax? On the one hand, the climate catastrophe, rising tensions between governments and within countries around the world and, of course Covid-19, seem to indicate a world that is stumbling closer to the abyss.

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How to live slow and have a more meaningful life

Increasingly, I feel like a character from a Disney movie in the 1940s, living in a small wooden cabin under a green canopy, getting food from the plants outside, and doing chores in a ridiculous old-fashioned way (yes, we air-dry our clothes on a clothes line with pins), with a soundtrack of birdsong in the background. I love it to pieces. But not everyone does.  

In a world that strives to be fast, choosing to live in this slow and simple way is puzzling, if not a complete joke. But is it really? I suppose it is easy to dismiss it as escapism, naivete, or plain laziness looking from the surface. But at its core, the pillar of slow living is simply cultivating meaning in your life.

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Who do you kill?


On SaaniaSparkle’s blog, I read about the infamous trolly problem again. If you have not heard of it before, it goes something like this:

A train races towards a group of five people who are stuck in the train’s path. You can decide to pull a lever and change the train’s path, but then you would direct the train towards a single other person on a different portion of the track instead.

You have no time to communicate with anyone. The only question is: Do you pull the lever?

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5 videogames I know better than my girlfriend

Sometimes I consider myself lucky that Steam et al were not a thing in my teenage years. Because if they had been, there would now be a permanent record of the ungodly amount of time I sank into them. Well, apart from my parents that is, who vividly remember it to this day. Still though, these videogames are pretty great, so here is a trip down videogame lane!

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6 Easy care houseplants for beginners

Since our traveling came to a halt last December, I really got into houseplants and gardening. It gave me so much joy as a beginner because plants are easy and they respond so well to care. It feels so calming, being surrounded by green, too, as if I am in a forest, safe and nurtured by nature.

There is just something grounding about it, and a magnetizing force that highlights my connection to life and everything around me. I truly wish I have enough plants to give to everyone. It really gives an uplift to well-being.

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I don’t envy anyone in the United States right now

I honestly don’t envy anyone in the United States right now. As if a phenomenally botched coronavirus-response wasn’t bad enough. But I guess this is what happens after decades, nay centuries of internal division.

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6 Simple breakfasts that guarantee a good day

Every morning, Markus and I have a simple breakfast here at the tiny house in the soon to be Cafe Domingo. The kettle has boiled, the sun is soft and yellow, the birds are singing, and all we need is delicious food! Below are our daily regulars and here’s to wishing we can share one with you one day.

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11 Lessons from growing my houseplants

Kris, my best Swede friend, asked me what is helping me stay sane during this lockdown, and my answer is plants! From growing plants for food, my interest has branched to gardening for pleasure.

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