I showed up in The Ph unannounced and everyone was surprised, including me

Over the summer, I planned a surprise visit for my family in The Philippines. It was challenging to keep it a secret – we talk every day and they constantly ask when I am going home for the holidays. But when the day finally arrived, I could not ask for a better outcome!

My best friend Rem picked me up from the airport. I told him to just find a rental car but he surprised me by bringing our mentor along and and she and her husband drove us back to our city about two hours and a half from Manila.

I knew my sisters are working in the hospital that day. I was sure my critical care nurse sister has a night shift, but I was a little worried I won’t catch my physician sister because she usually gets picked up by her husband around dinnertime and we are cutting it close.

10 minutes to the hospital, my mentor said we should stop at this garden restaurant because she urgently has to pee. We all went down for the toilet and she started to head for a table with a couple. It was my physician sister and her husband!

Apparently, my mentor asked my sister’s husband to delay my sister so I can surprise her, just that we were both surprised by the setup! I was so happy to see her and grateful for the planning my best friend and mentor did. They were worried I would miss my sister so they asked her husband to find a way and keep it a secret.

Once we settled and ordered dinner, it was time to call my other sister but she said she did not want to interrupt the date of my sister and her husband. Of course, she had no clue we were there, too. I just decided I will stop by the hospital to surprise her.

But the surprise was on all of us when she showed up at the restaurant unannounced! It was such a shocking and funny moment. She was standing in front of our table but we did not notice her until the last minute. She said she could not believe it was me as she came closer to our table despite what her eyes told her. Hilarious!

The last bit of the surprise was to see my parents and youngest sister. My physician sister and her husband drove me home and I was beyond excited. It was late so our house was closed and everyone in their rooms.

I stood in front of my parents’ door and called my mother. She answered thinking I was my physician or nurse sister who showed up late. When I opened their door, she jumped up from the bed and kept screaming OMG! My father was so shocked he did not say anything. He was already asleep so he probably thought he was dreaming.

All the joyful screams woke my youngest sister and she knew from the laughs that I was home. We all hugged, shared our crazy surprise stories, and laughed at the videos we have of each other’s surprised faces.

It was crazy and well worth it. A surprise after another and a great memory that I am sure to treasure for a long time.

I am so happy to be here!

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We are Markus + Micah. We live in a tiny house by the sea, grow our plants, cook plant-based food, travel, and design wellness retreats and mindful programs so we can all live meaningful lives.

47 thoughts on “I showed up in The Ph unannounced and everyone was surprised, including me

  1. So much excitement & happiness! I am jumping up & down with you as I read your post! What a wonderful elaborate surprise you planned and executed! Joy joy!


  2. That sounds like it was very well managed, and surprises for everyone including you! I’m not sure my parents could have stood that surprise and possibly would have backfired on me


  3. What a pleasant surprise. That’s such a nice story. I envy you with such a big happy family. Wish you a great vacation and all the happiness of meeting friends and relatives.


    1. Thank you! It was such a joy. In Germany, I was already excited and almost slipped many times. It is not easy but totally worth the effort. I am also incredibly grateful to my bestie – it would have been more difficult without his help.

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  4. Oh I love surprises like this one, and it is such a wholesome story! I’m glad you made it back to the Philippines and that your little surprise worked out perfectly – and even better than planned because you were surprised too!


  5. When I opened their door, she jumped up from the bed and kept screaming OMG! My father was so shocked he did not say anything. He was already asleep so he probably thought he was dreaming.

    I enjoyed reading about your happy reunion with your family, but the part about your parents made me laugh out loud. I bet your father thought he was dreaming! What a fun surprise for everyone. Will you be able to stay there through Christmas? I know that’s a long vacation, but given how long the trip to The Philippines is, I imagine you want to make your visit last. Also, no German winters! 😉


    1. It took my father a while before he was able to speak. I made him tea and finally he said, my fatigue from the day disappeared. Yes, I am here for the holidays. I need to escape the German winter because my airway is sick and it cannot stand it.

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  6. Dear Micah, what a wonderful surprise visit. How long will you have before returning to Germany? May the joy and happiness linger long 🌹🤍🤗💌🙋‍♂️


      1. You have sisters who are nurses! That is so wonderful a gift for your family! My mother spent the last 8 years of her life (she was 98 years) in a nursing home here and many of the staff were from the Ph. I always thought they were exceptional in their duties. I hope your asthma improves soon! How are the turtles doing? Have you had any feedback about their numbers? 🌹🙋‍♂️


        1. Yes, one sister is the head of the ICU at her hospital and my other sister is a physician. Thank you for praising Ph nurses – I also believe they are the best. Unfortunately they are not compensated for their work, especially here. I went to the hatchery for the first time two days ago. 84 nests! I will campaign for them soon. Just waiting for the jetlag to ease. Thank you so much for your support. It really means the world to us.

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