Oh, Bavaria

Do you like camping? I have never really camped before but Markus has done it with his family all his life that it is only natural we also had a go together.

Our adventure happened a couple of weeks back. Markus’ parents lent us all the camping gear we can ever need, and at 5 AM, we drove to a camping place in Bavaria by the Pilsensee. I was quite excited. The idea of spending time in nature, keeping it simple, and having tons of sun and quiet – I am all for it.

Sadly, it did not take an hour after arrival to realize we chose the wrong camping place. Just after setting up our tent and all our stuff, the neighboring group of tents started to play bass. The music was not loud but the bass truly corrodes our soul.

With all the patience in the world, we dug all the pegs of our tent, removed all our stuff, carried them again, and setup camp once more a little further from where the music came from. We truly wished we could have moved way further but the other end of the camping place was a playground – not very promising.

Such a shame that we could not get accommodation in the camping place. They looked nice but also probably quieter!

True enough, as the day went on, more campers arrived – families with seemingly battery-operated toddlers who were screaming and crying non-stop. I wish I was exagerrating but I mean it literally.

I have never seen so many children outside of a kindergarten, not to mention a sea of hapless parents. We were soon completely surrounded and the screaming and crying went on like an eternal punishment up until late in the night, only to be replaced by the loud chattering of parents until dawn.

With ringing ears and eyebags, we wanted to go home the next day. Sure, the lake is nice, but when you come from the islands with a mighty, warm, endless ocean, can you honestly be impressed? But for some incredible reason, we thought we would not give up just yet.

We spent the day exploring the nearby cloister that Markus’ father recommended, cherishing the relative quiet, and gathering our wits in preparation for our return to our tent. Not much changed there. We woke up even more tired the following morning wishing we were anywhere but there.

So we headed to nearby Munich instead to have a wander and catch up with our lovely classmate from yoga teacher training in India.

I thought Munich was a nice city, big and busy but not hectic or pretentious. It has so much character, color, and texture that it almost comes across as strangely cozy.

Something interesting was happening at every corner but my favorite was the group of classical musicians playing near the Frauenkirche. That is definitely something I would not see in The Ph!

We talked, wandered, ate, and just had a really nice day in Munich that we forgot about our camping place from hell. It was 7 PM when we returned and we were welcomed by another group playing loud music, with the sound of screaming and crying children not falling far behind.

There was nothing left for us to do than concede, finally cut our trip short, pack everything up this late, and take the long drive home well into the night.

Thanks, Bavaria.

35 thoughts on “Oh, Bavaria

  1. I’m so glad your trip ended on a good note exploring Munich! My family went camping a lot when I was a kid and one time we were at a “party lake” apparently. We were trying to enjoy the great outdoors while everyone else was blasting music from their speed boats and using chainsaws to cut up firewood. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Hopefully if you go camping again it’ll be way more enjoyable!


  2. This is exactly why I don’t like camping! Many of my experiences have been like this so now I am always very hesitant when it comes to camping. I feel like maybe I would enjoy camping in the complete wild a bit more, even though you don’t really have access to some commodities… Glad you enjoyed your trip to Munich though!


  3. Doesn’t sound like the best first experience; hopefully, you’ll find the peace and quiet you were looking for the next time you camp. I used to enjoy camping…but now that I’m older(ish), I find that my body doesn’t enjoy sleeping in a tent as much as it enjoys a comfortable bed. πŸ™‚ Mona


  4. oH Micah,
    How maddening to have to deal with that oh a trip! So sorry, You gave it your best shot and did get some great captures. Hopefully,, you’ll have better luck next timeπŸ’–


  5. Aw, so sorry you ended up at some “hyper family” camping area! I’m glad the day trips were nice.
    What on earth is the suspended/flying carved guy abou??


  6. It has been years since my last. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to have neighbors on the camping site who don’t respect others. You went there to relax and pamper and not to get bothered by other people. So sorry to hear this as it was your first experience.


  7. Oh dear that does sound like a camping trip from hell. Here we have some pretty strict rules in the provincial and national campsites about noise. There are rangers that come by regularly. However if you go to a private campground then anything can happen! Camping is a lot of fun so hopefully you will give it another go.


      1. We try to get out camping at least once or twice each summer. It’s been a bit challenging since Covid as a lot of people have bought campers here and so the sites fill up quickly. Do try it again sometime πŸ™‚


    1. It was hard to believe. Also, I wonder what could those parents have done? I have no clue about child rearing but I suspect how they were doing it could be improved. Hard to say really, I mean children came there to play, right.

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  8. I’m sorry your camping experience was not all you hoped for. We stay away from holiday weekends (leaving them for working families). Not that you were there on a holiday weekend. We also find it more peaceful during the week. Perhaps you will try again – or maybe camping is not for you. Either way, good for you for trying something new!


    1. I thought about you and Dan actually, maybe a little envious because it all seems to work out for you. But definitely, we will try again! I enjoyed cooking in this tiny burner and also hiding inside the tent. It was hard with the toilets because I need to pee every hour it seems and it was quite a walk. Hahaha. I will not give up on camping just yet!

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      1. Well, our travel trailer does have all the modern conveniences – like a bathroom. That makes a difference, especially at our age! Also, I wonder if camping is a bit different here. Maybe more spread out? I do know sometimes people do complain here too about excessive noise and rowdy campers. We’ve been lucky so far – knock on wood!!!


        1. Lucky! There were plenty of trailers on the other side of that camping place, too. Some were fixed while others are not. We did wonder what it will be like to have one of these – must be fun but also challenging.

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  9. That’s a shame the crying children and loud adults shattered your peace. I enjoyed your photos, though. We were in Munich at Christmas, so I liked your summer pictures of the city.


  10. Oh no! How disappointing! However, you have included some lovely photos of Munich and at least the sun was shining!
    My worst memory was camping in the rain! I was only 12 and new to the Boy Scouts. We had travelled to Scotland and I was so excited but it rained every day, heavily, for the whole week. I never wanted to go camping again….until the following year when the troop went to Deal in Kent (SW England) and the sun shone every day.
    Before we were married (shhh) my wife and I use to go camping in Donegal. Among the sanddunes with the Atlantic rolling onto a golden beach near Ardara, it was heaven. Our tent was a very old one my uncle had given me along with a parashoot we used as a fly sheet!
    Your post has reminded me of some very happy days!


    1. I looked up Donegal and it is stunning! I can imagine you and Carol having a nice time. Also, thanks for the inspiration to go camping again. The first time was unsuccessful but maybe the next will be better!

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