My first snow fall in Germany

Snow announced April’s arrival. As if a heavenly baker started sifting powdered sugar from above, I noticed the small, feathery snow flakes descending from outside our window.

I wondered if time slowed down because I could see each dot swaying, suspended in the air for a moment, and carried off by the wind somewhere. This is my first snow here, have I told you that? And I did not expect it to be like this.

The feathery rain is so quiet, almost a whisper that I cannot hear even when there was wind. I opened the window and stretched out my arm. The most minute snow flakes landed on my pullover, inspiring childlike wonder: So small. What height did it travel? At what point did the rain decided to be snow? Why can’t I catch any on my hand? What happens to the daffodils on the street? I sure hope they do not all rot.

I kept looking outside the window, in between reading, making hot chocolate, taking my bread out of the oven (yes, I did get burned a little), and washing the wooden spatula. The snow kept falling like a secret, some white ice slowly accumulating on the ground.

Immediately, there is something melancholic about it, a small tug that pulls inwards. It is fascinating, seeing snow right now; dreamy, so far from everything that I know from The Philippines. It is definitely an experience.

But I don’t like the gray skies and how it seems to mute the world. It makes me feel like I am inside a shaken snow globe, but fortunately, nearly not as dizzy.

Oh well, at least I made a point of enjoying the last month and all the sun and flowers it had to offer. I am glad I was able to be present to enjoy that and now I will keep observing this snow and be open to what it has to teach me – hopefully not for an entire month though.

43 thoughts on “My first snow fall in Germany

  1. I enjoyed reading this article of yours as I was the same the first time i saw snow. I was like a baby observing how the snow form in the trees, houses, mountains, etc. I hope you are having a wonderful time in Germany.


      1. Well, I moved in Switzerland since winter last year. But I experienced spring in Italy before. It was the best season in Italy (i think) as it was not too hot and too cold. Pay Italy a visit. You’ll love it! Trust me!


        1. Oh wow, I hope you are enjoying your new place. I heard it is expensive there. And will definitely check out Italy one sunny day. Do you have any recommendations? Preferrably off the beaten path. I look forward to eating and learning more about food in Italy.

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          1. Indeed, Ia m enjoying here. The mountains and the lakes are superb! Switzerland is another world. LOL. If you want to have a normal living, you better get at least 5000 Swiss francs/ euro a month. Bills are everywhere. LOL. But then the services you get are worth it, I think.
            You are asking the right person. I am a foody person too. I don’t cook but I eat. You’ll love Italian dishes.


              1. Well, compared to where I lived in Rome, here is much much much colder as we are surrounded by giant mountains.
                I don’t speak German, do you? I am in a place where people speak French.
                Are you asking about landmarks and sites or restaurants?


  2. I’m so glad you got to enjoy the snow! I used to live in Germany and I LOVED when it snowed. It would often fall in gigantic clumps of snowflakes and we would immediately run outside as kids to sled or build little snowmen. ❄️☃️


  3. You know, I actually thought about you and your “spring blossom” post when I saw the snow (it snowed here in Belgium too) the other day! Even though I hate rain and grey skies, I always feel like snow makes everything magical and dreamy, and I actually enjoy the fact that everything seems to slow down. Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience with us 🥰


  4. You got your snow–hooray! And what a lovely description you wrote about it. It made me appreciate our snow a little more. 🙂


    1. What did you think when you first saw snow? I never really thought it snows in India until we went to Rishikesh in October and it was cold and all my clothes were wrong.


  5. I love your awe and wonder, especially as applied to snow. I’ve always loved snow and had very little of it when I was young. New York was lots better for snow. Your photos, as always, are gorgeous. Our friend who lives in Hamburg wrote that they had snow, five inches I think.
    The daffodils blooms might keel over, but the bulbs will be fine. Next year they will put out blooms again.


    1. They have keeled! I rescued one and now it is in a small bottle of water on our kitchen table. Snow is so fascinating. So soft and white! I can’t stop thinking about frosting and it makes me laugh when I walk over a tree and snow falls on me following a gust of wind. It was so nice to walk outside earlier. Maybe I would write about it, too. What do you think of when you see snow falling?


      1. I want to sit down and watch snow falling, seeing how the wind affects it and how quickly it might pile up. If snow falls during the day, I love to walk outside and feel it hit my face. It all depends on the footing, because we do NOT walk on icy roads.

        When I was a child, my friends and I all prayed for snow to fall heavily enough that school would be closed early or not open for the next day. Drivers did not have much experience driving in snow in Tennessee. They tended to get home and stay home. We children also hoped the snow would stick around so that we could go sledding. That did not happen often.

        My brother-in-law lived upstate New York where people didn’t see the pavement or bare ground for the entire winter. They all knew how to drive on snow and ice. I feel sorry for children there. School is canceled only for a major blizzard.

        I never got enough snow, even when we lived on Long Island. The children often invited me to sled with them. Now that I’m beyond that, I take videos of the fun whenever I can. Is there any place for sledding near you? If you are in a city, you probably won’t see it. I wish you could go down a snowy slope on a sled or a saucer. I can just imagine your screaming with delight. If you write about snow, I promise to read every single word slowly, just to savor your experience. Happy snow!!!


        1. Thank you for sharing your memories, Anne. You are the sweetest, I treasure you so much. Sledding is possible, but we only had two days of snow, not enough I suppose, but perhaps next time. I do not live in a big city, thank God! In fact, we are near the Taunus mountain range and it can get seriously snowy up there.


  6. It’s snowing here, Mother Nature’s April Fool’s joke on me. Like your late-season snow, it won’t stay long.
    I’m so glad you got to experience snow for the first time! I love reading descriptions from those who, like you, grow up in a warm climate and then visit someplace where it snows. You appreciate the magical quality of snow, it’s wonder and beauty!
    I guess it’s sort of like longing to see the ocean when you live far from it; one has to experience it in person, no description does it justice. Glad you’ve been initiated! And don’t worry; most of those flowers will survive, or new ones will pop up in their place; they’re well-used to fluctuations in “spring” weather! And the cherry blossoms will be replaced by new green leaves. Always something new to see and touch!


    1. Thanks for the reassurance. The flowers are too pretty to just go! The daffodils have been broken from the stems though. It kept snowing overnight and there was white everywhere when I woke up. Crazy. The good thing was it was not too cold and I enjoyed our walk outside. Everything was so white! And the snow was so light and fluffy, though I guess there are many kinds of snow, too?


  7. We get some snow here but Ireland gets most of its weather from the west so lots and lots of rain! Tonight is supposd to be very cold though! Brrrrr! 🥶


  8. Oh what a beautiful description. Here in Canada, we take the beauty of falling snow for granted. It’s nice to experience it from the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t see it for 6 months of the year. LOL
    It snowed here last night, too!


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