How to make your own sunshine, not a Harry Potter spell

It’s been gray three days in a row, and this gets to me rapidly, so I thought I would quickly list things that make me smile, apart from nice pink trees:

Now it started to rain and the sound the tiny raindrops make is so relaxing. I suppose I will look out of the window for a little bit and listen to nature’s music. How are you going? Would like to hear a few things that make you smile, too!

39 thoughts on “How to make your own sunshine, not a Harry Potter spell

  1. Tonight, for the first time in a long while, I heard rain pummeling the roof. Snow is so quiet, a peaceful blanket. Rain announces its arrival! As long as I’m snug inside, I enjoy the sound, a soothing counterbalance to the dreary gray beyond the windows. Especially now, as it heralds spring finally arriving. The sound of rain falling is definitely one of the things that makes me smile.


    1. Rain is so relaxing. The way you described this, the rain and snow, transported me into your neck of the woods somehow. I hope you find plenty of joy to balance all the gray.


  2. Pajamas are the best! As soon as I come home I put on pajamas. If I am staying home all day I stay in my pajamas. They just make me happy! Things that put a smile on my face: my kitties running around crazy making noises, orchids, hydrangeas, riding in the car on a sunny day with the windows open and music playing, big fat juicy peaches, a perfectly ripe banana, and the smell of a clean house.


    1. You’re the best. I sometimes wear pajamas all day, too, and feel like a champion. Thank you for reminding me that I must pick hydrangeas up! And 100% agree on the smell of a clean house. Nothing like it!


  3. When the Alaskan winter breaks away to spring. Being able to see the Alaskan range in the distance. Snow sliding off the roof. Coffee. Book store sales. Breakfast with a friend. A wonderful blog to read while I wait for said friend to show up for breakfast!


  4. I loved your list of things that make you smile. Lots of things make my lips curl upward, but the most therapeutic is waving at neighbors. When John and I walk in the morning, we see people driving to work along the narrow road. We turn to face those coming from behind and wave. I realized I ALWAYS smile as I wave. The drivers, and sometimes passengers as well, wave back. We don’t know who they are, just that they live close to us. What a feeling of well-being it gives us to be a part of their lives for a few seconds!


        1. Great way to teach culture, Anne! With Markus, he has learned about pasalubong, a Philippine practice of bringing treats to your friends from wherever it is you traveled to. His friends and family enjoyed that custom.


          1. Thanks for writing about pasalubong. When we traveled, we often brought home small things to give to close family, but it would have been hard to include even your best friends. It is a lovely tradition.

            When daughter Lise moved to Denmark and traveled to other countries, she always tried to learn what to do and what not to do to fit in with another culture. I’m blissfully unaware.


      1. What a lovely expression “like a spell hanging on the trees”. May I use it in a poem? It would be wonderful to sit on a park bench with you; a flask of tea, a small pastry and magical conversation. 🤗🙋‍♂️


  5. YOU make me smile right now. Reading little slices of other blogger-friend’s lives. Lemon turmeric energy balls filled with bursting flavor. Texting with my mom. Oh the little sweet things!


  6. Writing a list that makes you smile is time well spent. Made me smile too. Although, I’ve never had a Holunderblütte fizzy drink. Sounds yummy. Enjoy and keep smiling! 😁


    1. It is elder flower syrup, some lemon, and soda water. The taste is subtle and floral and I enjoy looking at the vibrant frozen strawberry or blueberry, suspended in the glass, surrounded by bubbles. Thank you and keep smiling, too!

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