Beautiful things, beautiful weekend

Let me just get this out of my chest:

Why are these cherry blossoms so pretty? How is this legal? It is as if the gods ate cotton candy and these soft, delicate blooms are the crumbs that fell from the heavens.

My brain, literally, can’t process it.

We walked at a nearby park yesterday and it was pink everywhere. For a change, I was not the only one taking photos of flowers!

Everytime I see these cherry blossoms, a flood of joy rushes through my body. They are so freaking beautiful!

I have dreamt of seeing them in Japan and was unaware they were everywhere here in Germany: in parks and graveyards, along the streets, and also in our backyard. Our cherry tree has buds already and I cannot wait for it to explode in pink. I don’t know, I might cry.

What blooms are everywhere around you now?

Also, last Saturday, Markus and I went for a hike in the Taunus. It was my first time there and the landscape was something I have only known from movies:

Towering trees with trunks five times the size of my body, the forest floor carpeted by soft, Crayola-green moss, and possibly my favorite part of the trip: seeing a small, frozen puddle of water!

I had to walk on it, of course. The sound is crazy! Now I understand the fear they portray in movies when characters walk on thin ice and it begins to break. What fun!

The trail was light to medium, 8 kilometers for two hours. Markus got us proper hiking shoes and I am so grateful. No blisters or anything though the incline in the last two kilometers got me questioning my choices.

We brought snacks for our hike, too; bananas and apples, biscotti that I baked the day before, and tea. Markus is also really happy with his new thermos.

Oh, and we also got several kinds of bread from a popular bakery near us. We were there early and there was already a line. Interestingly, everyone seemed to be grumpy that Saturday morning. Smile more, people!

Post-hike, I cannot be asked to cook anymore. We had a late lunch at a cafe in the town center and we just sat there, enjoying the nice weather.

I am so in love with Spring. I was told it is a good one so far this year, though it might be gray again next month, even rains. I guess I will just enjoy the season every day and not take the sun for granted!

How was your weekend?

33 thoughts on “Beautiful things, beautiful weekend

  1. “Everytime I see these cherry blossoms, a flood of joy rushes through my body.” Oh Micah! I feel like you every time I see a tree in bloom – and specially the pink ones! The glyricideas in our farm look just like this 😍😍


  2. I am exhilarated reading your love story with Spring … the joy & delight and infectious! I can’t complain about the weather in Singapore, which you know well is hot & humid. To experience Spring-time sun & nippy temperatures through your eyes and description is a wonderful way to start my day.
    Hike and a feast … what an outing! Can’t wait to experience more of your springtime adventures!


    1. Thank you, Lyn. It is super nice. Each time I go out, I spend a lot of energy because I exclaim at everything. It makes me hungry quickly. Hahaha. Oh, did you see the green sea turtles on my latest post?


    1. It brings me so much joy. It has been sunny most days since we arrived and it is so refreshing compared to my entire stay last year when it was mostly gray. I am like a plant – I need plenty of sun and humidity. Haha!

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        1. Very true. The beauty of the circle of life. In The Ph, we have a very long wet season with some periods where it gets really bad. Last year at the end of July, the tiny house was flooded up to my shoulders high.

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    1. Thank you. Me, too! I can barely contain my excitement, honestly. I have not gone to a cherry blossom festival, don’t think they have one here but seeing the cherry blossoms everywhere is enough of a party for me. Where do you hope to see this festival? Also in Japan?

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      1. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan but never had the chance to visit. Yep, that’s the one! 🌸 I’ve been to Asia once and we visited Singapore 🇸🇬


    1. Hi Maria. Welcome to our blog! It was a nice weekend, very refreshing. I suppose nature has a way of revitalizing us. Maybe it is in our DNA, how we react to our surroundings.


    1. Thank you, Anne. Sometimes, I feel silly and want to apologize for how I behave – I get easily excited, you see, and wonder if I should act “more like an adult” at times. Markus says this has got to be the worst idea ever.


      1. I agree with Markus. You are a breath of fresh air, enlivening others around you. Seeing your sense of fun and excitement brings joy to many people. Please, don’t ever change!!


  3. I love how passionate you are about flowers and nature! I’m the same and sometimes I just can’t contain myself. The awe and wonder of such beauty can be overwhelming. We have cherry blossoms in Pennsylvania (united states) as well although they’re just starting to bloom since it’s been chilly. Not quite explosive pink yet. 🌸 Your trip sounds soooooooo darn lovely and amazing! xoxo 🌺💖🌿


  4. Oh I love the blossoms, too! Our snow has finally melted but, other than a few snowdrops, it’s still a little early for flowers in our area. It will probably be several weeks before we have leaves on the trees, and our last frost is usually in late May. But just feeling the warmth of the sun gives me hope.
    Our weekend was good. We went to see a hockey game yesterday. It was my first outing since before the pandemic. It felt good to be out!


    1. The snowdrops are these small, white, inverted flowers, right? They are so delicate and adorable. Here, the trees still lack leaves but they have so many flowers. And how cool that you were able to watch a live game! I have not done it in forever. Did you feel anxious at all about being in a crowd?


  5. Spring can be a trickster. I’m glad you’re enjoying the beauty it holds. I love cherry blossoms but we aren’t that far along yet. Right now it’s all about the daffodils. Yay yellow!


      1. Our springs are stop and start affairs. Partly snowy winter, partly warm summer, kind of lovely wet spring with temps varying greatly each day– and with lots of pollen. 🤧
        [You crack me up with the “Mrs. Bean”! Most people just call me Ally.]


        1. Some people here say Spring in April can be like that. I suppose I would see. I don’t remember where Mrs. Bean came from. Maybe you posted about your husband as Mr. Bean as one point and it just stuck? If he is Mr. Bean, then you must be Mrs. Bean. Hahaha

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      1. It looks glorious! Interesting about the scent. As long as the bees are happy, all is well. It was a wonderful weekend, thank you. A delightful spring thus far. 🙏🏻


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