Look, our hatchery is on national media!

We bring about what we think about, says the law of attraction. Well, all of you must have been thinking great thoughts about our community hatchery because the Pag-asa Pawikan Protection and Conservation Center just got featured on GMA News, one of the biggest national media outlets in The Philippines.

Here is the link to the article. Read it to learn more about the sea turtles in The Philippines, the stories from the volunteers, and how all of you have contributed to this great cause through this blog.

Our village chief Kap Harry Carreon shares how the conservation project started and volunteers like Kuya Eric Jabonillo opens up about their moving experiences that led them to fight for the sea turtles. You have always known our side of the story, now here is the rest!

We have said it many times, but we cannot do this without you. People like you keep us going. Your support to the pawikan, the hatchery, and our community is everything to us. We cannot thank you enough!

Together, we can save more sea turtles.

Thank you for supporting the work of Pag-asa Pawikan Protection and Conservation Center. Because of you, there is over 300% increase in hatchlings this season!


We are on the tail-end of the breeding season. Our main challenge now is making operations sustainable, rehabilitating the hatchery, and preparing it for the coming of the Momma Pawikans soon.

Season 3 is only a few months away! This time, we hope to not only rescue all the pawikan eggs but also create livelihood for the volunteers and the community.

Most people donate when they see the eggs – but if the hatchery is not ready, there will be no space for the eggs and there will be no sea turtles. Off-season work is critical for a successful breeding season.

Right now, there is plenty to do – improving infrastructure, supplying kits to community members who patrol the coasts, creating merch, and finding opportunities for education and training of the volunteers.

We are working on sustainability. With your generosity and support, we can make a big difference for the sea turtles and the people who need it most. As mentioned in the GMA feature, let us continue to demonstrate Pawikan Attitude and lift each other up.

Many thanks for your support!

Together, we can save more sea turtles.

Thank you for supporting the work of the Pag-asa Pawikan Protection and Conservation Center. Because of your help, there is over 300% increase in hatchlings from last y


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40 thoughts on “Look, our hatchery is on national media!

    1. Many thanks! We try to do what we can. It feels really good to help the turtles. If not us, then who will? As you say, it is easy to say we care about this or that but it will always be our actions that will reveal who we are.

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  1. Wow, I heard that global warming has made profound change to many creatures unique life cycles, turtles included. What a wonderful thing you are doing. Wish there are more turtles surviving…


    1. Isn’t it just? Before it was you and all our other blog friends talking about the sea turtles together. Now the circle is getting bigger and we hope this translates to more good things for the turtles. We have to make this sustainable because there will only be more eggs!

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    1. Thank you, Sean. This is the result of our combined efforts. Amazing what we can do together! I fantasize about you seeing the hatchery at some point – I am certain you will have tremendous input!

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    1. Thank you for your support, Rebecca. Next week, we will have a workshop with the community and concerned government agencies to hopefully come up with a plan for the off-season to support the hatchery operations and prepare it for Season 3. Hopefully it will be good!


  2. Congrats!!
    Is there still time to sponsor a single nest and get my name on a stake (and a pic of it) this season? I’ll do a more significant donation when I figure out my finances (at least a month away).


    1. Many thanks! You had around 20 nests at the start of the season. The first nests were yours as I mentioned in the first pawikan post for this season – problem was the volunteers did not write on the markers! I was still in Germany then and we were unable to coordinate correctly. I apologize for this. Thank you, you are a star at the hatchery and I hope one day you can meet everyone and see what your donations have done.


      1. I just sponsored one. Even if you have to fake it, please put Leeeeeenda on a tag (I don’t use the legal name) by a nest and send me a pic (effini @ yahoo .com)


    1. So far, yes. What is great is we still find nests every two weeks or so. That is incredible – usually the breeding season ends once the temperature increases but it seems there are a few late Mommas coming in. Our main challenge now is keeping the lights on at the hatchery for the off-season as preparations for next season begins. People donate when they see eggs but the work continues post-breeding season, too. It never stops!

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    1. Thank you, Mrs. Bean. Nobody deserves it more than the turtles. They do so much for the health of the sea and all we can do is support them. One day, we hope to track a Momma Pawikan and see where she goes outside of the breeding season and how far she travels just to go back home to the same coast where she was born to lay her own eggs.

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    1. Thank you for your support, Michelle! It was really cool! We were so happy for the hatchery because GMA is a big deal. Hopefully the wider reach translates to more economic support. The work with the sea turtles is already locked-in, now it is about making it sustainable.

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