In behalf of the sea turtles, thank you

We vividly remember the first time we posted about our turtle advocacy last season. We weren’t sure if it was the right thing to do. Your blog friendship is more than enough for us and we didn’t know if asking for donations for the turtles crosses a line.

But Markus said, “This is about the turtles and not about us. This is a sincere grassroots project and it is not fair to take their right to support a great cause. They can decide how to take action. All we can do is speak for the turtles.”

He was right. We honestly did not expect anything but your support was overwhelming. We cannot thank you enough!

This season, we were so proud to report the progress that the Pag-asa Pawikan Protection and Conservation Center made in just one year, and once more humbly asked for your help in supporting the turtles of our small community hatchery.

To Michelle, Betty, Brad, Sean, Rebecca, Ashley, and Lyn – thank you very much for adopting nests! We cannot thank you enough. We know you have plenty of obligations but you still chose to help the turtles. We appreciate you.

What you did is not just about saving the turtle eggs but also motivating and validating the efforts of the volunteers. They work tirelessly for the turtles without asking for anything in return. Your belief in the turtles, your belief in what they do mean everything to us.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you for supporting us from halfway around the world. We cannot wait to welcome your hatchlings into the world and send them back to the sea where they can hopefully roam free for the next 100 years.

Together, we can save more turtles and empower the community. Thank you. People like you keep us going!

Together, we can save more sea turtles.

Thank you for supporting the work of the Pag-asa Pawikan Protection and Conservation Center. Because of your help, there is over 300% increase in hatchlings from last y


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17 thoughts on “In behalf of the sea turtles, thank you

  1. Adopted 2 nests – name for the marker “Devadason Family”, please.
    Appreciate so much this opportunity to participate in this wonderful project.


    1. Thank you for supporting the turtles! It is our honor to work for the turtles and it is impossible to do without your support. Will e-mail your nests along with the complete adoption details. In behalf of our community hatchery, thank you! Maybe one day you can also visit our hatchery!


  2. Signing up for year #2 and hope to continue doing so for years to come! Thank you for being a part of the effort and sharing it with us. Seeing the baby turtles gives me hope for the world. Well done!


    1. Omg, thank you, Rebecca! We appreciate you. Thank you for believing in the turtles and in what our small community hatchery can do. Can you believe how much it has grown from Year 1? Crazy!


  3. I have been so inspired by the work you are doing with the turtles. It is my pleasure to support you and I’m so excited to hear more about your progress. The smiles I get from seeing your updates are well worth the $10–even when it’s converted to Canadian $. LOL

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