How about some dung to cure COVID-19?

Clearly needs medical attention, or any available attention.

Many times, I get frustrated with how the pandemic is handled in my neck of the woods but after I stumbled upon an interesting article on ancient remedies that truly existed, my disposition lightened up a little. Let me explain.

In this fun article that I read, some rare and common ailments in the past were treated with unbelievable cures, including:

  • Smelling farts from jars to counteract exposure to the Black Death (England in the 1600s);
  • Sewing a tooth in the eye to correct corneal blindness (which is still done today in a procedure called osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis, notably in Australia);
  • Applying a range of animal shit to treat wounds and drive evil spirits out (ancient Egypt);
  • Bloodletting, sometimes with the use of leeches, to balance the four major body fluids – blood, phlegm, and black and yellow biles – since illness is clearly a result of this imbalance (all over the world);
  • Drinking liquid mercury to reverse aging (ancient China);
  • Eating tapeworm egg pills for weight loss (Victorian era); and
  • Inserting incense on the vagina to determine pregnancy, or crocodile shit for contraception (ancient Egypt).

I don’t know about you, but suddenly, I feel better with how COVID-19 is going. While things are lightyears from functional here, it could clearly, very well have been way worst. So help us God.

33 thoughts on “How about some dung to cure COVID-19?

  1. Ahahahah I had a good laugh with these… 😂 It sounds absolutely terrifying, horrendous and disgusting at the same time, I don’t know which ones are the worst to be honest, though of course putting shit in your vagine as a contraception method really horrifies me! It is true that it absolutely helps to put some things into perspective!


  2. It’s true. We have to look at the positives. We know so much more than we did in the days when these kinds of practices were common. Unfortunately, all that knowledge and technology has made us impatient. We want instant results and when we don’t get them, we get grumpy.


  3. Well, who knew? Lol, I think we tend to think things will last forever (like pandemics) but they do come and eventually go. And eventually come again. And I read a news article about the 1918 pandemic and people argued about the same things–and handled things in the same contradictory ways–as has happened this go around!


    1. Hello, Kathy! I am so happy to see you. I hope you are well and I have thought about you many times before. I agree, perhaps it is human nature. We are always looking at the past or the future and are just ever anxious about the present. This pandemic is really hard and frustrating, though there are many good things to come out of it, too. For now, I am glad we could laugh about it even just a little bit.

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  4. Whoaaaa this is an interesting list haha. Sewing a tooth to the eye!?! That’s totally freaky!!!
    I have seen doctors use leech in Grey’s Anatomy so I say that’s a pretty legitimate venue 🤣


  5. Hhahaa, I think you haven’t heard of the crazy treatments a lot of people have suggested for coronavirus in India. From cow dung to cow urine – they’ve tried it all. 🤢🤦


      1. I think in India a lot of things arise out of superstition and religious beliefs – which is so bad for the society. Cows are sacred to Hindus so everything coming out of a cow is supposed to be medicinal. 🤦🤷 It’s scarier with the low levels of education in the villages since a lot of people blindly follow these things. 🙈
        I hope our countries are able to vaccinate our populations soon to put an end to all this crazy. Have you gotten vaccinated yet?


        1. I agree, same here. The country is religious, almost fanatic, and while most people take proper action, even more need education. Isn’t that crazy? More than a year on and majority remains uneducated! And not yet, but my parents and sisters in the healthcare have. It is very slow here – only 2% and testing is not accessible to the public. You?

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          1. Not yet. While the vaccine is now available to all adults – there aren’t enough vaccines so getting a slot is difficult in the major cities. Hopefully soon!


    1. Thank you. I found the points fascinating. Can you imagine such cures attempted for COVID? Maybe I will just choose death. But more important, this goes to show a little shift in perspective goes a long way, and that laughter is indeed the best medicine.


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