10 Healthy habits that make a difference in your day

Where does your time and energy go every day? Every now and then, it is nice to reflect on our habits and create awareness over how we spend our moments. After all, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives, no?

Below I share some healthy habits we can cultivate daily to have a positive impact in our lives with immediate and guaranteed results.

1. Making the bed in the morning

There is something satisfying about making the bed in the morning. There is no mess, the bed is cleaned and organized – it just feels like an achievement. Also, if the day turns out completely shit, at least we can come back to a well-made bed and congratulate ourselves for doing at least one thing right. Oh, and remember to air your bed out, too!

2. A good stretch

I know it sounds intimidating, but yoga is no less than stretching and paying attention to the sensations that happen when we are doing it. Think about it: How many times do we wake up with back pain or are only able to straighten our legs halfway when getting off the bed?

Now imagine doing a quick round of yoga and facing the day without this soreness and tension. No less than life-changing. Our mood improves, we are more mobile, and are not carrying as much pain. Who would not want that?

And there is no need to do longer classes, take complicated postures, or even be flexible to loosen and relax the body. A quick 10-minute deep stretch can make all the difference in the world.

3. Eating fermented food

Did you know that the quality of our gut bacteria influences our mood, personality, and overall health? They were not joking when they said we are what we eat, and if we are going for health, adding more fermented food into our diets helps in an almost effortless way. Cultured milk, yogurt, tempeh, and kombucha are not just woo-woo ingredients – science actually backs up their health benefits.

I personally experienced a big improvement in my mental health once I moved my diet from processed food-heavy to more whole food and probiotic options. For most of my life, I was powered by fast food, coffee, and Pringles. No wonder the quality of my life then amounted to a KFC combo meal.

4. Drinking more water

When we are dehydrated, we have more headaches, muscle cramps, and mood swings, and less energy, concentration, and balance. A cup of water can easily make us feel better. When was the last time you drank water?

A big game-changer for me is a reusable water bottle from my sister that I just carry everywhere I go. We become dehydrated faster than we realize and having water next to me is an instant fix.

5. Playing

Similar to yoga, exercise can be intimidating. But isnโ€™t exercise just like play? We run around, jump up and down, spend time outdoors, and create shapes with our bodies. Starting is the hardest part. Once we are doing it, exercise can actually be a lot of fun. It lifts our spirit, clears our mind, and makes us healthier. Let us work to overcome our minds – our bodies are capable of so much more!

6. Protecting our energy.

In an ideal world, we would all be mindful of the energy we bring into a room and how we affect others. Unfortunately, it is all too common to encounter people who pass their stresses, bad mood, and negativity to the innocent around them.

It is not fair. If we had a bad encounter or experience, let us not pass it on to others, and on the same vein, let us learn to protect ourselves from those who consciously or unconsciously drain us and use us as doormats or buckets.

It is one thing to be an empath but that is different from allowing another person to treat us badly because they are upset over something entirely unrelated to us. It is toxic and we certainly do not need this in our nice day.

7. Putting our phones down

Do you ever wonder how many minutes in a day you are separate from your phone? It is a very curious thing. I find that when I am engaged with activities and people, I am not on my phone as much as when I am bored, uninspired, and pretty much catatonic.

There is also plenty of benefit to a digital detox, as we have seen on our magical 9-day digital detox retreat in Bali in 2018 and 2019. Participants were more present, open to experiences, and connected to each other. By the time we were returning their phones, nobody wanted to take them back!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being online and using technology. Problems arise with how we use them and the habits we create around them.

Out of curiosity, let us pay attention to how long we are using our gadgets and if there is any instance in our day when we put our phones down. We can also try to have a mini digital detox and make a point of not using our phones at certain times of the day and just see how this makes us feel and what opportunities open up for us.

8. Having a relaxing ritual

For me, it is working with my plants and having tea. It could be anything really – reading a book, having a hot shower, or eating a slice of cake. The point is we set a time of day doing something just for relaxation, one thing to take our mind of things, and simply enjoy.

There are 24 hours each day and it is no less than a crime if we do not treat ourselves to a breath of fresh air, even just for a moment!

9. Sleeping really well

Few things in life are as priceless as waking up naturally in the morning, feeling rested and ready to energetically face the day. The magic of a good night’s sleep is infinite, from glowing, clearer skin to being more productive at work or in school.

Honestly, not feeling like shit throughout the day is enough. But why do we often skimp on sleep? This is an instant feel-good trick that we must always prioritize. Are you not curious at all what kind of person you are when you are not in zombie-mode? Just sleep more. It is life-changing.

As for the 10th tip, I leave it to you, my friends. What healthy habit do you practice every day and how has it improved your life and well-being?

I can honestly keep going with this list but I am keen to hear your contributions. We all have something valuable to add, even if we do not automatically realize it. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

PS. Our beautiful friends at Flow Retreats are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year! Nourish, heal, and treat your body to wellness gifts and offerings on 28 November 2020. More details can be found here. To more love and light!

102 thoughts on “10 Healthy habits that make a difference in your day

  1. This is a great list, Micah. What I like about the list is its simplicity and they are things we are not only familiar with, but well within our control. I have made good inroads with many of these in recent months. I have nothing further to add other than reading a good book, which when I do it, I find the most in-tune place regarding myself to settle in, open it, and then dive in.


    1. Thank you. Arenโ€™t we lucky that small things make a big impact? I am happy to hear you have been well and buoyant. It must be the tea! Haha. What sort of books do you enjoy reading? I understand what you mean with getting lost and just enjoying a good read – very relaxing indeed.

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      1. Yes, you can always rely on a cup of tea!

        I do read a wide range of books, anything that is well written, but generally: sci-fi, fantasy, historical/cultural, crime/investigative/detective, action/spy (so James Bond etc), romance (yes, I know – but some are so well written in terms of societal mores re particular time periods/cultures). The book I have read the most number of times: The Cardinal. The book I dislike the most: Red Dragon (prelude to Silence of the Lambs).

        Favourite series: The Foundation Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom, Amtrak Wars.

        My favourite authors: Bernard Cornwell, Asimov, Tolkien, Arthur Conan Doyle, George RR Martin, Georgette Heyer, Raymond E Feist, JR Tomlin.


          1. I do enjoy Sherlock Holmes immensely. Yes, I know what you are saying about the language. The way English is used now is very different to how it was used when Conan Doyle wrote his stories.He was also a doctor and medical researcher so he had that aspect to his writing. The investigative method he and his professor developed at university was a very real thing and influenced how research, deduction and so on is used today. I remember when I brought my Dad the total collection of Sherlock Holmes stories in the original form, it took me a little while to adjust, but then I was fine.


    1. It does make a difference. Somehow it changes the way the mind works. I suppose our environment really has that effect and when we learn how to capitalize on it, lovely things happen. Really glad for your newfound habit. Keep going!


  2. What a helpful, upbeat blog post + stream of comments afterwards! I drink lots of herbal (usually ginger or turmeric) tea and don’t even have a cell phone. but I DO spend a lot of time with my laptop computer. I like making the bed in the morning for exactly the reasons you list (Oprah also recommends doing this to start each day with an accomplishment), and I like going for a walk and/or bike ride. Having grown up in a home with poor emotional boundaries, I particularly appreciate this admonition: “If we had a bad encounter or experience, let us not pass it on to others, and in the same vein, let us learn to protect ourselves from those who consciously or unconsciously drain us and use us as doormats or buckets.” Now I will shut my computer and do some stretching/yoga/Pilates.


    1. Thank you. Our blog friends are the loveliest. They added so much value to this post. I am so with you on the herbal tea – it is just calming and beautiful. The same is true for the yoga. I feel weird when I do not practice in a day! And yes, I really hope there will be more awareness on emotional and mental health. It makes a big difference, doesn’t it? If we can all be a little more mindful every day, then there will be a big shift on the energy of this world. We really appreciate your thoughts and welcome to our blog!


  3. Such a great reminder of how things that matter the most and that we benefit from the most are actually quite simple. I do implement some of these in my daily life, and when I don’t, I feel completely off, especially when I don’t drink enough water! I thing the point about protecting our energy is also extremely important, and people actually do it very rarely… As for the digital detox, I should definitely do one quite soon as I am getting more and more frustrated with myself about the time I spend on my phone!

    To me, some things that are essential on a daily (or almost daily) basis are: having some “alone-time” with my thoughts, time for introspection and “calming down” the mind, and also learning somethign or “expanding” my brain very regularly, it is very much like stretching your brain as well as your body!

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    1. Thank you. Your healthy habits are awesome. It is calming just reading about it. I particularly like stretching the brain! Like with the body, I imagine simple things can achieve this, too. What do you specifically do to do this? Really appreciate your contribution.

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      1. Exactly! I remember a time after university where I felt like my brain was so lazy (it still is sometimes) and I physically felt like it needed stretching as I was so used to learning things constantly, when I stopped it was brutal ahah ๐Ÿ˜… I found that “learning” was a really important value for me, so now I have many different learning habits (or occasional things I do): I am doing an online university degree, I learn different languages (through series/movies too) and I watch the occasional documentary or listen to some podcasts, it really varies! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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          1. Ahaha I think my younger self would have agreed, as I have always studied hard in school and overall enjoyed homework ๐Ÿค“ However, not as much as in my adult life: I remember getting my first Russian homework when I was in Russia, I felt so excited ahahah ๐Ÿ˜…

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  4. You guys are so bendy!

    Thanks for the reminder… Where does your time and energy go every day? – Worrying. Such a bad habit that I cannot shake these days… but you are right, I feel so much better whenever I make the bed.

    I appreciate your constantly reminding us about these things…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It feels super nice on the back, honestly. It is one area I have to constantly work on, plus hips and posterior chain. Well, what elsw is left it seems I work on everything. Haha. You are welcome, I suppose we all need reminders regularly. As for the worrying, I worry, too, but get tired of worrying easily. Does that make sense? What do you do to stop worrying? I find that identifying the true source of my worries helps me deal with it correctly.

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      1. I can imagine how it feels ๐Ÿ˜€

        When I am stressed, I pray and then I make cold calls. Good thing I work for stocks and brokerage. It’s not in my job description but I get to do it as needed (my need – whenever I am stressed out) — it’s satisfying!

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          1. We are in trades business… I am not in the Middle Office (I am in Human Capital), but I get to do cold calls as favor to the company (sometimes – hehe)

            You like stocks? Really? I don’t particularly like them, I just learned about it recently, I’ve only been here for 3 yrs so I am basically a newbie on these things… what do you like about it?

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              1. Thatโ€™s great!! My friends and I had a phase when Jollibee stocks became available for everyone to buy in… it was crazy but I never understood it back then.

                Now, my colleagues and I jump up and down whenever we see the market which incidentally has been good since Sunday last week. It has an effect not just on the clients, but also to our morale because weโ€™re not delivering bad news anymore…

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                1. Jollibee! I like your priorities. I remember introducing Markus to Jollibee, a hallmark of The Ph. Haha. The closer we are to a vaccine, the more the market will probably improve,
                  no? And yes, I am happy you are delivering better news to clients these days. Not sure how it is like when it is all bad news. Yikes!

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                  1. Yes, especially our clients were not normal people, they’re the high net worth ones and Saudi net worth is different from others (just like how Russel Peters would often joke about) so it’s either good good or bad bad…

                    We feel the vibe when the market is down… so yeah, people are trusting the stocks again and hopefully, things will get better for everyone soon…

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    1. Does it help when you have children? I find that gardening is like play, too. Being dirty and just spending time outside. It is relaxing, no? Thank you for visiting us and welcome to our blog. Is it break time on the organic farm?

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          1. Oh I’m thinking of that when we plant our lemon tree on Thanksgiving in honor of the big tree we lost last mo. I’ve tried growing 4 others and they all die and they are prolific. Send your plant fairies and good energy it’s way. โค๏ธ

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  5. #10 – hugging animals!!

    I wish I could get refreshing sleep. I almost never do. When I try to sleep, my mind goes onto overdrive. I currently medicate it into relaxation, which lets me sleep but leaves me just as unrefreshed. I describe it as always waking up where I left off, a little more run down every day.

    I think I do 2 things on your list.. tons of water (about 100oz/day) and digital breaks (my phone and computers are turned off most of the time, which freaks people out!).

    I’m prepping for returning to the office schedule world, despite being a night owl (really horrible combo) so I think I’ll take inspiration from this post, take a nice warm shower, do some stretching, and put on clean clothes!

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    1. Omg, you are the best. That tip is excellent, though a little heartbreaking for me since we are still loving our strays from a distance. Sorry to hear about the sleep. I wish we can try some relaxing activities together. Maybe that will help you calm down more. And I support the tech breaks, really important and they make a big difference when we are intentional about how we use them. Do you find that you pee a lot? I do and it is so funny. Rooting for your return to work as you know, and really hoping these healthy habits start something positive for you and the kitties.

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      1. Welll… I don’t pee frequently. I figure it’s because we used to take cross country trips and my dad tended not to pull over till HE had to pee. I recall my mother once threatening his life!! I’ve had days where I got to work thinking, I need to pee. Then forgot till I was left the building 8 or 9 hours later.

        My sleep issue has been lifelong. I’m used to it but am always frustrated that employers won’t accommodate it, even when there’s no impact on work schedules. I hope to eventually do more freelance type work, where the specific hours don’t matter.

        I was petting my wild stray tonight. Two more are coming closer. All four of my pet cats were on the bed this morning. Heaven!!

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  6. My own little ritual is that every morning when I pour my first cup of coffee I say “tres bien.” It’s my way of setting my intention for anything and everything that the day may have in store for me.

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  7. I am happy to say that I do most of these things, Micah, and I usually have a lot of energy. My 10th point is focus on the good in your life and being happy. Look outside of yourself and be kind, helpful and empathetic to others. When you focus on others you happiness is much higher than when you focus inwardly. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. Lovely addition, Robbie. Thank you very much. And I agree, happiness shared is double the joy. Nice reminder to practice gratitude, too. Sometimes I get irritable, especially when I am tired, but when I create awareness over how lucky I truly am, I realize there is nothing to be sour about. I mean, there is plenty of cake in this world, whatever can be wrong? Haha.

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  8. loved this post! I think point 6 is one of the most important ones, and people too often forget about it! Unfortunately I am not very good maintaining habits, I try to do some yoga and meditations every day but I often get carried away by life events!

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    1. Well, at least an attempt was made. Haha! But seriously, if we are intentional we will get there at some point. And yes, point six is gold. I also struggle with healthy boundaries and this is a reminder for me, too. Would you say that making pasta is a healthy habit? I would.

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  9. I try to take a walk outside every day. I also say my prayers everyday. A good laugh works wonders. A sincere compliment to another. Lots of ways to make good days. Enjoy your day!

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      1. We try to walk every day whether we are home or traveling. Even if it’s cold, we try to get outside. I can usually go if it’s above 20 degree Fahrenheit as long as there isn’t too much wind. A sunny day helps a lot! We have been blessed with mostly good weather as we have been able to walk most days,but that may be changing soon. When it’s really cold, we’ll sometimes walk at the mall, but that is far less an enjoyable experience. Have a great day!

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        1. I respect you for braving the cold, or at least trying to. Do you also find that the hardest part of taking a walk is convincing yourself to do it and once you are out you are happy you did it? It must be super nice there now with the fall landscape. Have a lovely weekend!

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  10. Every day I do a short routine, maybe 15/20 minutes, after I get up in the morning. It allows me to function for the rest of the day, but then I’m older! I wish I had learnt yoga when I was younger!

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        1. Yes! What do you do when around toxic people? When I have no choice I just create awareness over it and tell myself not to be affected. Not easy though. They can be truly draining. Support you with tea drinking. My favorite is spiced chai. What is yours?

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  11. Such great tips!!!

    In this WFH situation, making the bed is what keeps me from not spending the entire day in bed!

    Working out definitely helps me but home workouts have just become boring to me. I realised over the past few weeks that I had slowly reduced working out just because I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. So I think it’s great to find a workout you love and do it diligently.

    Set limits on social media! I set a timer so that I can’t spend more than 30mins on IG in a day. That really helps make my day better. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    1. Thank you! I agree, it is so simple but necessary. I suppose the state of our environment also affects the state of our minds. If we can make our heads clearer by making the bed, then why not, right? Any extra healthy habit tips you have not included in the list?

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      1. I always start my day with a healthy balanced breakfast. I make sure there’s plenty of protein with fruit and/or vegetables. I love egg whites with tomatoes, onions, and green peppers ๐Ÿค— I also have fruit on the side with skim milk. If I am really hungry I will eat some carbs too (waffles, muffin, or cereal)

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      1. Hahaha hectic! Hmmm so things that are not on your list… I spend at least 15 minutes a day doing something I enjoy (being a mom I have to find time for myself) and I have also started taking better care of my skin. I donโ€™t have skin issues but the self care really makes me feel pampered and happy!

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