10 Fictional Characters We Like

That carnival I was Robin Hood.

What do our favorite things say about who we are? It is an interesting subject, isn’t it? Today, we thought about exploring 10 fictional characters that we like, some because of identification, others for aspirations, and just because. Really curious about your thoughts and please tell us who your favorite fictional characters are, too!


1. Gandalf the Grey

Gandalf the Grey is wise and powerful, but he is also empathetic. Ian McKellen once said that he much prefers Gandalf the Grey’s character over Gandalf the White’s, because pre-resurrection he is “a much more congenial person, and humane, and full of all sorts of life”. I certainly see a lot of traits in Gandalf the Grey that I see (or would like to see) in myself.

2. Kvothe

The protagonist of Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Kingkiller Chronicle” gets through life on his wits and willpower. He attains considerable fame before we, the readers, even meet him, but basically spends the entire book debunking the myths and legends people have spun about him. I probably like him because he has considerable substance but never fully seizes to be human.

3. Tony Stark

When Tony Stark encounters a problem, he solves it. He doesn’t beat around the bush, but simply acts and gets things done. I have spent a lot of time trying to cultivate these traits within myself, with varying success, which is why watching Tony Stark on screen is always an inspiring experience for me.

4. Sherlock Holmes

What Sherlock Holmes does better than anybody else is to see past all the fluff and expose the truth hidden within. This is true for many portrayals of the character, but my favorite one is (uncontroversially) the one by Benedict Cumberbatch.

5. The Joker

While The Joker is ruthless and cruel, he certainly isn’t a slave to society’s conventions. He questions and exposes the hypocrisy ingrained in the moral belief systems of Gotham’s denizens. While his methods and approach mean his actions are far from constructive, they are undoubtedly effective.


6. Silas

The Barong is not on the Graveyard Book but it could work out.

The Graveyard Book is the first Neil Gaiman work that I ever read, and it was magical, albeit not in the Harry Potter kind of way. The characters were strange and quirky, yet very relatable. The world Gaiman created remains vivid in my mind. Out of the cast, Silas is my favorite. He does not say much, broods most of the time, but he does what he is supposed to do and sees his duty until the end. I like that.

7. Bellatrix Lestrange

Minus the evil, Bellatrix is powerful, confident, loyal, sexy, and unshaken. Does she worry about what others think of her? No. Does she hesitate when it comes to doing what is required to attain her goal? No. Does she find anything impossible? No. Bellatrix is an incredibly strong woman and the crazy is her charm. Also, Helena Bonham Carter is lovely in the role!

8. The Addams Family

When I was a child, I watched the cartoon series The Addams Family on TV and I loved every bit of it. The macabre family is aware of who they are, celebrate it, and just have fun every day. It is so refreshing to see how unique, easy-going, and loving they are of each other. I am not sure who my favorite Addams is, but held at gunpoint, I would probably pick Morticia. And no, I did not watch the recent big screen adaptation. The vintage MGM TV series is nice though. It is available on YouTube.

9. Sherlock Holmes

I watched RDJ play Sherlock Holmes in the movies but I think I am more fond of the BBC TV Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch. For someone limited in feeling, he is so dramatic. Hilarious. I am drawn by the intelligence of the character, his impatience, and the struggle to connect and understand others. I binged on the series and truly appreciated the writing. The ending was a little strange to me since it became a family drama and it could have been so much more.

10. Alice in Wonderland

Do you find that you turn psycho when you cannot drink tea?

I suppose I could just say Alice, but by now her last name could very well be in Wonderland and nobody would blink. I am fascinated by the character. She just goes. I adore that spirit. Not sure if I would drink from a ‘Drink Me’ bottle or bite ‘Eat Me’ cookies, but I want to, I hope I do. Is Alice reckless? Well, she is certainly care-free, curious, and brave. I enjoy her attitude. I also like tea, very much.

Which fictional characters are close to your heart?

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86 thoughts on “10 Fictional Characters We Like

  1. I love Sherlock Holmes too. I guess I like any character who just don’t give a f– about society’s rules. I also love Cersei Lannister. In the books, she makes a lot of “evil” decisions but i liked how she was portrayed as a strong feminist character, motivated by her love for her children.


      1. Filipino characters. Hmm. It would sound like self promotion but I really love the characters featured in our comic books like Ella Arcangel, Salome and Sabel from Tabi Po. I like strong female characters that have complex personalities 💙


  2. I agree with most of the characters you chose! It really made me think about my favorite fictional characters. I’d day both The Narrator & Tyler Durden have a big place in my heart. I find myself thinking about that iconic duo whenever I feel lost and confused.


  3. Morticia Addams definitely. Alice in Wonderland, of course. Rather fond of Anne of Green Gables. I love Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter books. I also like Piper from Charmed and Phoebe from Friends. Then there’s Phryne Fisher from the mystery books. That’s seven. All I’ve got off the top of my head.


    1. Do your favorite characters have something in common? They could have, but I am not sure. I know Charmed but right now I cannot remember who is who! Is Piper the one who got pregnant?


      1. I’d say that all my favorite characters are quirky, smart, and able to solve problems.

        Piper was a bit of a homebody, who got married & had two children, all the while being a kickass witch putting evil in its place with her ability to stop time &/or incinerate the bad guys when they pushed her too far.


  4. Definitely love Bellatrix. She’s got an awesome character from the book itself but was made even cooler by HBC. She’s made her appear so “freaky” and like you, I also like Sherlock the Benedict Cumberbatch version. There’s something about how he looks, with that, I liked Doctor Strange too,

    But my ultimate favorite is Becky Bloomwood. The book series is my guilty pleasure.


    1. Yes, I suppose freaky is accurate, if not wild. I was told Helena designed the look of her character, too. That was a cool trivia if it was true. Where is Becky Bloomwood from and why is it a guilty pleasure?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL Micah! I deliberately didn’t describe her because I hoped you’d look her up and laugh quietly @ home! 😀 😀 😀 😀 Hahaha!! “I was trying to reserve that oh migosh, ito pala yun moment!” Hahaha

        Rebecca Bloomwood is the main character in the series, Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was initially a stand alone book that became a series… She’s my favorite because I am so her. Knowing her would be like knowing me.


        1. Yes but I like it when you tell me things! I am familiar with the franchise but have not read or watched the films. Now I am interested because you identify with her. Is the series good or standalone would have been better?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. For people like me who obsess on things, it is good. But for those who like trying out different things, the series would need to be tolerated.

            And part of the things I can identify with are revealed on the latter books… hehe, but there’s nothing profound about it… it’s just a guilty pleasure 😀

            By the way, people around me tell me that I am MINDY from The Mindy Project (TV Show). I believe if you were to know me more, I’d defer on this analysis rather than the Shopaholic series. Hehe.


            1. I think there is nothing wrong with enjoying light things. I am sure I have something similar, just that I cannot remember any now. Maybe enjoying Marvel movies? Okay, I will look up Mindy and not ask you. Haha!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Marvel movies? I believe they transcend all boundaries… cool / hipsters / young and old enjoy them! (I think) LOL.

                MINDY? Hahaha! About this one — I didn’t deliberately “not elaborate”… I actually thought you knew of her. Hahaha.


                1. They are very entertaining. Actually I like Loki as a character, too. And Thor may be my guilty pleasure. I remember watching the first Thor movie and thinking it was garbage but it is okay because Chris Hemsworth is there. I have no idea who Mindy is so I need to look it up. I do not watch a lot of TV and prefer documentaries and cooking shows if I am streaming. It is actually nice to know who you like and get recommendations from others as well to widen my perspective.

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                  1. Mindy is played by Mindy Kaling. She wrote for THE OFFICE produced and directed it too. Her parents were of Tamil / Bengali origins but Mindy was originally from Cambridge.

                    She talks incessantly hehe… but try some of the episodes… they’re short… 20mins? I think?


  5. I also like Bellatrix Lestrange. She is so evil but there’s something about Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal of her that is so captivating. But in the books, she’s easier to despise lol 📚


  6. Wow… my mind is mostly drawing a blank.

    I love Maude, from Harold & Maude, and drew/draw a lot of inspiration from her.

    I grew up with The Addams Family tv series and still watch it in reruns. Morticia and Gomez are a perfect couple, so in love! I still have a crush on John Astin (Gomez), even though he’s 90 now. And I still wish to have lived in their family.

    I love the character of Bobby Simone on NYPD Blue, which reruns 4 episodes every weeknight. I have to skip the episodes where he’s dying because it’s too realistic and tears my heart out every time.

    I know there are a billion others, particularly for 1930s slapstick comedies, but I’m mostly drawing a blank right now.


      1. Word is that the actors (orig series) were the ones who decided to make Gomez and Morticia a demonstrative close couple. I adore how much the characters loved each other!! Even now I wish I had a partner like Gomez!!


  7. Such a fun post! I love how you both chose Sherlock Holmes, and he is for sure an incredible character, especially when brilliantly played by Benedict Cumberbatch! It made me wonder which were my favourite fictional characters and at the top of my head I instantly got Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter… I guess I feel like a mix between those two ahah 😊 Will definitely think about it more! Thanks for sharing 😊


    1. Looking forward to reading your longer list of favoritw fictional characters. What you suggested is good – a blend of Hermione and Luna. This character may just be incredibly charming. I also like Luna, now that you remind me of it. Did you read Sherlock? I only watched adaptations. It was hard for me to read the book, even if I read plenty of classics.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No I didn’t read Sherlock but watched many adaptations too (my favourite one is of course the one with Benedict Cumberbatch)! I also really like Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings and I realised that I usually like silly characters somehow, the ones that make everyone laugh and seem stupid but actually arent’ahaha 😁


  8. Gandalf the Gray is absolutely one of my favorites, as well. He feels like a father figure in many ways – someone who you could always go to for advice and who would give “tough love”, but also knows how to enjoy the simple things and help you feel at home.


  9. This is a really interesting post with a question that I’ve never considered. Hmm. While I think our choices in books and tv are quite different, I do like your explanations and the question. Although, I was a fan of the Adams Family growing up. It would be fun to watch some old episodes. I do have some real life people that are my favorite – Clark Howard, Erin and Ben Napier, and Chip and Joana Gaines (yes, I love HGtV), but I will have to keep your question in mind going forward. I did like Hawkeye on MASH. And I enjoyed all the characters on Seinfeld. Thanks for your fun post, and enjoy your day!


    1. Thank you, Betty. It was fun to write this post, and I suppose our choices will differ in fiction and real life. Can you imagine dealing with Bellatrix Lestrange on your door? I will look up the names you mentioned and see what they are like.


  10. I love Robin Hood too! I used to watch his cartoons when I was younger. I absolutely agree with Sherlock Holmes and Bellatrix Lestrange as well! The Sherlock Holmes book series is absolutely fantastic and I felt Benedict Cumberbatch did a better job portraying him. I do think Bellatrix may have made a brilliant witch had she not joined the dark side. Wonderful post!!


    1. Thank you. Did you read the book Sherlock Holmes? It was entertaining to see Benedict Cumberbatch on the role. Shame there were so few episodes, yet they were an hour each and written well, so I suppose it is not easy. I was bummed out when Mary’s character died!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I read the entire series a year ago! It was incredibly detailed and made for quite an interesting read. I agree! But I haven’t watched all the episodes, just a few of them. Unlike the show, in the book Mary’s death or rather Watson’s ‘loss’ is just briefly mentioned and Holmes isn’t responsible for it.


  11. A fun idea for a blog post! I normally identify with wishing to play a character in a movie rather than falling in love with them exclusively in a book, if that makes sense. For example, while I read The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and adored the movies, it wasn’t until I had seen my favorite, Eowyn, on the big screen, did I want to be her. Perhaps it has something to do about the whole world knowing you are this bad-ass, rather than it being simply in your imagination. Not sure if that makes sense! But I agree Benedict Cumberbatch made Sherlock Homles come alive for me too.


  12. I love your unique choice of characters – I wouldn’t have imagined Bellatrix and the Joker on anyone’s list even though I love both. Sherlock has forever been an enigma to me – I even tried to think like he does when I was a kid.
    My list of favourite characters is very long! Sirius Black (HP), Sydney Carton (A Tale of Two Cities) – despite being portrayed as the anti-hero throughout – he ends up being the hero, Atticus finch (To Kill A Mockingbird) – I loved the kind of father he was, Mr.Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) – my first character crush, Emma (Emma) – because I am a lot like her, and so many others. 🙈 I can only imagine how tough it would be to pick a top 5/10.


        1. Ah yes, I can see how this is possible. I know that Mr. Darcy is popular with the girls, like an internet boyfriend before the internet was a thing. And yes, looking forward to reading your post about your favorites!

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  13. What a fun post! One of my favorite fictional characters is Tina Belcher from American cartoon series Bob’s burgers. Tina is awkward, nerdy, and hilarious without realizing it. I love how she perseveres through every obstacle, is self confident, and she always has a zinger or two 😀


  14. A great list of characters, both. My ten are as follows: Katy from What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge. She is so imaginative and fun and manages to overcome her terrible injury. Emily from Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery. I love her for the same reasons I love Katy. Emily inspired me to write as a young girl. Henry from The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. I enjoyed his transition form a conflicted and confused youth to a brave and determined man, Hercule Poirot from the series by Agatha Christie. I admire his brains and coolness. Abraham Van Helsing from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He was amazing with his mental agility. David from I am David by Anne Holme, such a marvelous journey of David’s path to happiness. Halloran from The Shining by Stephen King – a brave man and I love this book. Sam from Lord of the Rings, he is such a great character and so noble and kind. Anne from the Diary of Anne Frank, a story of bravery, Jane from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, this is my favourite women’s fiction book and The Grinch from How the Grinch stole Christmas by Dr Seuss. I love how mean he is and how he gets redeemed in the end.


    1. Love how extensive your list is! I only know Hercule, Van Helsing, and The Grinch – excellent characters – and will have to look up the rest. Was it hard for you to think of the fictional characters you like or did the list just roll out of your mind? We had to think about who we liked actually.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It took me about 10 minutes. I am a massive reader and have been reading since I was four years old. I have read many of my favourite books several times and those are the ones I’ve listed here. I have more than one copy of most of these too.


                  1. It is stressful trying to juggled on-line learning with children and a full time job, as well as all the other things necessary to run a big family home. My parents both live on our property so that is six people to cook for and there is a lot of washing and other chores.


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