Quiz: Which houseplant should you get

What is this, a levitating plant!?

Dear plantitas and plantitos, here is a fun quiz, totally scientific, to help you decide what plant to get if you are keen on hopping in on the current plant craze. The result will lead you to an easy-care, beginner-friendly, altogether wonderful plant that matches your personality and style. It is only a rough guide but the chances are high that the plant you get will thrive in your home and totally love you because your needs are the same. Enjoy!

1. Your typical Wednesday evening involves:

a. meeting a friend for dinner

b. overtime at work or studying for an exam

c. binge watching your favorite Netflix series

d. walking your dog

2. You have made plans with your friends to go out this weekend. It is now Friday night and you:

a. have picked your matching clothes and shoes

b. have made all the reservations

c. are thinking of cancelling or rescheduling

d. have double-downed on errands to make sure you are free tomorrow

3. Your house or room can be described as:

a. colorful, quirky, and arsty

b. minimalist, elegant, and modern

c. fun, relaxed, and and little messy

d. comfortable, cozy, and clean

4. Your friends complement you for:

a. your ability to strike up a conversation with anyone

b. your travel experiences and crazy adventures

c. your generosity and thoughtfulness

d. your excellent cooking skills

5. You want plants in your home to:

a. bring a splash of color to the space

b. add height and structure elements

c. soften edges

d. lend a nice scent or as an edible


Mostly A’s


Colorful, bright, and sexy, aglaonemas are easy-care, beginner-friendly plants. Also known as Chinese evergreens, they have stunning leaves with interesting variegations – dots, speckle, stripes, and lines – that will certainly be a show-stopper in any home.

Aglaonemas require bright, indirect light to maintain its vivid color, but they will tolerate low-light conditions. Water only when the soil is dry. My favorite varities include sprakling sarah, red siam, and fox aglaonema.

Mostly B’s

Snake plant

Stately and structural, snake plants are perfect for you if you do not have lots of time to devout to plants but really want to have some in your home. It is pretty much a set-it-and-forget-it situation. Snake plants need very little watering or sunlight and can tolerate neglect – not that it is recommended, but just in case you are busy, these plants will suit your lifestyle.

You can water them every two weeks and place anywhere in your house. They come in all sizes, too. The taller snake plants are laurentii, zylanica, and cylindrica while bird’s nest varieties stay small and compact. I am currently obsessed with the mikado, because hello, it is named mika-do!

Watch out, the Pothos is invading!

Mostly C’s


Fun, quirky, and incredibly forgiving, pothos is a lovely trailing plant. It grows very fast and is super easy to propagate. Be careful because they will take over your house in the best possible way.

Place them on top of tables, let them cascade down your stairs, or encourage them to climb your balcony for an extra touch of softness and friendliness to your home. Pothos can be grown in soil or water and is not fussy with light at all. Stunning varieties include marble queen, neon, and jade pothos.

Mostly D’s

Basil and other herbs

No domestic life is complete without your own herb garden in the kitchen. Basil is an excellent starter because it grows fast, smells spectacularly nice, and is super tasty.

Just place a pot by your window sill or keep some in water. You can even propagate the basil you bought from the grocery store this way. Think about it: endless basil tea. How can anyone say no to that? Other easy-care herbs are mint, thyme, and rosemary.

Which houseplant did you get and how do you feel about your result? Tell us in the comments below and share this quiz with a fellow plant lover!

93 thoughts on “Quiz: Which houseplant should you get

  1. Love this so much! I got a mix of A and C, and I am in love with the recommendations. I also remember asking you about pothos before, and it’s also the one recommended here. Maybe it’s a sign I should get one 😆💚


    1. Thanks. Oh, aglaonemas are lovely. I adore their colors and how easy they are. They do not complain at all! And yes, I think it is the same experience for many people. I hope you enjoy your garden a lot. Do you have any favorites among what is currently growing there?

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  2. I love pothos [which my spellcheck insists on writing ‘pathos.’]. We have a few of them around the house [the plants not the sad feelings] and they are very forgiving should you forget about them for a few weeks. Just saying. Fun post


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. It was also fun to write. Sometimes I write photos. Haha. It is a problem. And yes, pothos are incredibly forgiving. My sister has some with incredible tales of survival. What kind of pothos do you have?

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  3. Aaaah, such a fun post!! 😁 I got mostly C’s and I already have a baby pothos at home! How cool! Now I’m gonna have to read about how to propagate it! Thanks for sharing! 😊


    1. Thank you. Propagating pothos is simple. We actually have a propagation post about it. You just look for the nodes where the little aerial roots are and just cut in between that node. This can go in water or soil to grow more roots. Good luck!

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          1. The one that I have is actually from the plant of a friend of mine, so it is really small at the moment (only three leaves) but it’s slowly starting to grow! 😊


  4. This is a fabulous post. Very clever and inspirational at the same time. Pothos for me! And yes I do like them and have had them hanging out in many places both at home and at work.


    1. Thank you. It was fun to write. They are lovely, aren’t they? Not at all fussy and so forgiving. Some people find them too common but I adore pothos because they thrive anywhere and that is why they are common, no? What kind of pothos do you have? They must be long and gorgeous if they are hanging! We have plenty of golden pothos and one neon pothos, a present from my sister that came today.

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    1. That made me smile. Growing herbs is fun, isn’t it? They are usually easy going if you have the light. Wonder what happened to the palm trees. Was it a light thing again? I hope your orchid is doing well. And snake plants are cool plants. I have always liked them because they are not fussy. Plus there is so much variety and they can be really pretty. Bantel’s sensation is on my wishlist now.

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      1. I think the poor palms didn’t get enough water cause I had them in half sun/half shade as instructed 😅 I actually did forget to water them after some time. The orchid is resting in peace, and I’m still mourning its loss before I commit to another. Fake orchids will be tiny thing for now 🙈 Your green thumb definitely should get a Bantel’s sensation!


        1. I do not know if palms are easy indoors. We have some outdoors and a few are unhappy because they are partially shaded. I actually need to move those before it is too late. Sorry to hear about your orchid. Perhaps your husband will get you another one!

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            1. Fair enough. Maybe he can get you something else, a plant that suits your lifestyle. In my country, all the palms are in full sun. I always thought they were outdoor plants until I saw them as indoor plants this year on YouTube. I was surprised.

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  5. Dear plantitos and plantitas, oh my god. 😂 Pothos! We have a tomato plant, basil and other herbs and money-plants (although I’m a bit disappointed it’s not giving me money) and others as well but I dunno them names.


        1. Basil is a good one. Smells great and delicious. We love it for tea with lemon and honey. Why are you not good at keeping them alive? They just like lots of sun and water when the soil is dry, right?


          1. I never had it with tea! The thing is, I forget to water it 90% of the time, and sunny days are not that common here! I take full responsibility anyway, even if I lived in a sunny place they wouldn’t have a chance ahaha


            1. Maybe window by the kitchen has a better chance next spring? Haha. Basil tea is super nice, please try it with the next bunch from the market if you are curious. We had it in a tiny cafe in Batanes the first time last year and pretty much stole the idea.


  6. Nooo… pothos are poisonous for cats. No can do. And I dislike the others and/or have no appropriate space w/lighting (either to much or too little sun). For me, the answer is E… realistic silk plants.


    1. I love meeting people like you who believe they cannot keep houseplants and give you a plant to suit your needs. I saw on YouTube that unless your cat eats the entire pothos it should be fine. Also this depends on cats being plant munchers or not. Interestingly, I have not yet seen a cat who enjoys eating plants. My sister has a dachshund who digs plants, unfortunately.


      1. I’m paranoid about it because my first cat had an episode that appeared to be poisoning and though he wasn’t a plant muncher, my pothos was the only possibility I could find. He survived but it was a long scary night. I love them but threw it out and have never had another.

        My other long term indoor plant was a palm that got mites

        I tried a few indoor plants.. usually orchids in the bathroom.. but my lighting here, combined with heat, makes it really hard. I currently have 2 air plants which I keep in the bathroom window.

        Outdoor plants are faaaar easier for me!!!


        1. I can imagine. I would be distraught if our cats get sick. Also understand your struggle with indoor pests. They can be a nightmare and sometimes you need gallons of neem oil to win the war. You keepcan orchid in your bath? Wow, I did not know that is possible. Mine are all outside because they like the light. My sister is also into air plants but I have yet to understand them. They look stunning though, especially the one that looks like Ursula from Little Mermaid. Do you know that one?


          1. I’m not sure on the ursula plant. I have 2 varieties of airplants, most of which are outside, bit don’t know their names.

            I should be clearer on the orchid.. I’ve kept them in the east facing bathroom window, moving them to a counter on cold nights. Most commercial orchids are now hybrid to only live a year, max. I can usually get 2yrs. I don’t have any now, just the small air plants.

            Air plants draw their moisture from the air. Because it gets so dry here, I have to water mine. Twice I’ve had a variety glued into a sea anemone shell, so it looks like an octopus, and hanging in the bathroom. But neither lived very long because I couldn’t get the light and water balance correct.


            1. Only a year? That is a bit unfortunate since orchids can last a very long time. Sorry to hear about your airplants, too. My sister is still trying to figure hers out. I think she started with 10 or 11 and now down to six.


                  1. I literally made some hooks out of an old hanger and but others on top of wind chimes. They’re in an area of the backyard that gets no direct sun. In summer, I hosed them down about once a week.

                    For the two little ones in the bathroom window, I started them in a spot that got very little sun or would move them to shade. Now they get direct sun but I dump water on them roughly 2x a day.

                    I moved one clump to full shade, under a tree. I forgot about it and expected to find it dead but I guess the humidity has been good.. it seems to be very happy.

                    I guess, like orchids, neglect is good for them.


    1. Which is still a plant, right? Haha. Some plants can tolerate an incredible amount of neglect, which is of course not recommended, but these can be good choices for busy people like you. Succulents, dracaenas, snake plants, and ZZs are good options. What plants unintentionally died in your home?

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    1. Oh, thank you for sharing your plants. Maybe it is time to add pothos to your roommates. It is super easy to keep and also affordable and available everywhere. What kind of cactus do you have? I am in love with lithops right now.


        1. They do! I wish I can see your plants. Plants also soften the look of a space, make it cozier. My sister just messaged me and said she bought some neon pothos for me, which is cool because we only have golden pothos. Scindapsus will be cool to have, too. I looked up cereus and it is pretty with its flower and all that!

          Liked by 1 person

            1. She is into the chartreuse lately. Moonlight philodendron first, now this neon pothos. What I am really interested in is a lemon lime marantha. That would be lovely. I hope your cactus blooms at some point. Is it getting plenty of light?

              Liked by 1 person

                1. I just like to know how to care for what I am getting. Saving myself from potential heartbreak. Haha! Your cacti should be happy then, no? I actually moved my lithops last week because I noticed one was reaching.

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  7. I have a snake plant that I adore! I am notorious for underwatering (i.e. neglecting) plants, and am pleased that my snake plant only needs minimal care. And it looks fantastic too! (An added bonus is that our cats don’t seem to enjoy chewing on it.)


    1. Yes to snake plants! We joke that it does not matter what the plant question is, the answer is snake plant. Since it can withstand pretty much anything. What variety of snake plant do you keep? We also enjoy them a lot. I think you should be okay with plants in general because underwatering is so much better than overwatering. But have you killed some plants because of neglect? And you do have a plant muncher cat? Interesting, I have not come across one yet! Probably for the best.


    1. It has to make sense, right? Haha. I have two kinds of mikado – the cultivated one and the wild one. Both are charming. One is a lot straight, like petrified chopsticks, and the other looks like the hair of Bellatrix Lestrange. I am so fond of these plants. What are your current favorites from your garden?


      1. I like all plants that stay alive. I can kill anything in two weeks. My favorites this year were begonias and coleus plants. Oh! Also caladiums! We bought three bags of bulbs. Despite planting everything at the proper time and at the suggested depth, only the caladiums came up. I admire plants that survive and thrive, despite my tender care. I’ve seen a photo or so of the area around your house, and your plants are gorgeous. They obviously respond to you.


        1. That made me laugh. But you garden all the time, don’t you? And never forgetting to wear your gloves unlike me! Wow, how did you make your begonia happy? I have one and it is such a diva. We call it the sensitive begonia. Markus also enjoys our coleus. Apparently, it has hallucinogenic properties. Did you know that? I hope your caladiums are doing well. What colors are they? We have a bed encircled with different kinds of caladiums. They were all gifts. Thank you for the compliment, I will make sure to pass it to our plants. I think the tropical climate helps a lot. Like how they say all plants in Florida seem lovelier. I don’t know if this is true, of course, because I have never been to Florida.


          1. I garden much more than I want to, but it will soon be over for the year. I found a place that the begonia liked and put it there every year. You are young, and you have years ahead to listen to your plants and put them in a happy place. I’m teasing, of course. I hope you will quit dealing with plants when they become more trouble than they’re worth to you.


            1. What do you mean garden much more than you want to? Like you are pulled by the garden and work on it for hours and hours? Do your plants just go dormant for the winter then? And thanks for the begonia tip. It was actually doing well at the start then we moved it and it became so unhappy. When we returned it, it was still unhappy! But it is not making a fuss where it is now, no dramatic increase in growth but at least it is not shedding.


              1. I am a very reluctant gardener. I didn’t think about taking care of the garden that came with this house. The former owners said all I had to do was keep the weeds down. Ha! It’s a full-time job in warm weather. We’ve been here six years now. The positive side? It’s good exercise.

                I’m glad your begonia is happy now.


  8. A, B, C and D, depending on which room or setting! However, our outside space is where we do most of our planting because we just love our garden! 😎


      1. This year I planted 10 Hardy Geraniums in pots (we have only a small garden). They did well this year but next year they should be gorgeous!


        1. Oh, the massive peace lily Markus is holding? It is actually an agreeable plant. Low-light tolerant and does not require high humidity. I find that it likes a lot of water though. Whereas the other plants, I only water every four days, or weekly or every two weeks, the peace lily demands water every day! If I do not water it, it will droop, which is good because I know what it needs and once I give it, it will pop right back up like magic. Do you keep houseplants or in your garden?

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            1. I also struggle with mint! I find basil much more forgiving. Maybe try it? You can grow storebought basil, just cut a four inch piece from the top and put it in water, removing any leaves that will be submerged. It roots really quickly.


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