Exploring our 10 favorite feelings: a small adventure in emotional archeology

How are you? Is this even a question? Most times, we answer it without thought – “I am okay.” or “Good, and you?” and move on. It seems that not a lot of thought goes into how we are or how we feel.

In reality, it is the opposite. Maybe we are just uncomfortable to unpack or we hardly believe the other person will really listen. Is this just human nature? Hard to say.

But this is why we appreciate the tag we received from Writings by JM. It is an invitation to reflect on our favorite feelings and talk about them openly. Thank you, JM, for the tag!

May this inspire more vulnerability and honesty in our blogging community. The little things lead to big things, after all. And below we share our favorite feelings. Let us know what you think about them!

5 Favorite Feelings of Markus

I used to distance myself from my feelings a lot and things are only changing slowly. But steadily! And tags like this certainly help, so thank you again for that.

1. Alone in a long-distance bus

Free and anonymous. In a bus full of strangers, everyone doing their own thing. Rolling landscapes, late-night stops and keen awareness of time that seems to be moving fast and slow at the same time. A raw and real feeling unique to long-distance busses.

2. Space on a calm morning

Spring in miniature. Gentle, full of potential for growth and expectant like a cat about to pounce.

3. Cascading thoughts

When thoughts flow like a waterfall. Creative chaos, untethered and wild, but with direction and purpose.

4. Gaining perspective

Sometimes, a feeling of almost changing dimensions. When assumptions collapse and get replaced by delightful understanding.

5. Micah’s joy

Pure, fragile, and simply the universe at its best.

5 favorite feelings of Micah

When I saw this tag, I thought it will be hard for me to identify feelings that I really enjoy. But the moment I started writing it, everything flowed naturally. It was a lot of fun for me to explore this because I normally will not think of it. Below I would like to share some feelings that make my day wonderful:

6. The first bite of anything good

I know food is good, and I get so much joy out of it when it is really good. That first bite, when your eyes widen and you smile like a fool, is always a glorious experience. I will not tire of it. Ever.

7. The privilege of being close to life

Normally, I will be embarrassed to say this, but nature makes me cry sometimes. A few days after we moved to the tiny house, there was this small blue bird that decided to join us for breakfast in the garden.

It just landed there next to us on our wooden fence and stayed there for a good five minutes, walking, pecking, and just hanging out. It seemed so carefree and I was crying the entire time.

Similarly, a black and blue butterfly landed on me last week as I was tending to the plants. Observing it there, trusting, peaceful, I felt the tears coming fast, but I tried to keep it together because my hands were covered in soil and I had nothing to wipe the tears with!

8. Being surprised by plants

I will never throw a sad plant away because I can never trust that they are really dead. So many times, my seemingly dead propagations came back to life and torn, hopeless-looking pieces decided to root. If I had half the resiliency of plants, I would be invincible.

Seeing new leaves also inspire a surge of excitement in me, the same when I see an explosion of growth. I touch life when I care for my plants; make new life when I propagate or germinate seeds. It is so beautiful to see plants live and thrive, no less than a miracle. Does this make me a crazy plant lady?

9. Understanding something, finally

What is the cause of this? Where is this coming from? I ask these questions when I feel off or I am more reactive than usual. There is always something deeper than the surface manifestation of a negative emotion.

It takes a lot of digging – sometimes it takes years – but it is so satisfying when something finally clicks. Reaching that aha moment that gives me more sanity is priceless.

10. Cuddling to fall asleep

I can live another life and never understand how I manage to fit perfectly next to Markus when we cuddle before falling asleep. But who cares about that? What matters is this feeling of contentment that comes after experiencing another day fully. So satisfying.

My mind is quiet, I cannot ask for more, and I always sleep well when we cuddle together. In a way, this is the ultimate expression of my personal values of freedom and peace.

And that is it! These are our favorite feelings, or at least some that comes top of mind right now. How about you? What is your favorite feeling and how does that make your life richer?

Published by Markus + Micah

We are Markus + Micah. We live in a tiny house by the sea, grow our plants, cook plant-based food, travel, and design wellness retreats and mindful programs so we can all live meaningful lives.

53 thoughts on “Exploring our 10 favorite feelings: a small adventure in emotional archeology

  1. So refreshing to read unapologetically mushy feelings ❀ my favorites are hugs from my son, watching sunsets, and long bus rides, too, but with my husband. I’m too scared to travel alone and haven’t tried it yet πŸ˜…


    1. Oh, your favorite feelings are lovely. Hugs are always nice! I hope you get to travel with your husband again soon. Solo traveling has its perks and is quite the experience. Before Markus and I were together, we were solo traveling for years and it was a lot of fun. Mainly, the movement on the outside supported the movement happening on our insides. It was very good for our psyche. Maybe when you visit us you can travel solo for the experience!


  2. Nature makes me cry too. It’s not embarrassing to admit but kind of embarrassing when it happens.

    I remember going to the mountains of Hawaii for the first time and I cried. I was wiping my tears and my sister-in-law saw me and I had to lie that I was just sweating, hahaha…


      1. Hahaha. Yeah, we can weep buckets in front of our husbands & not feel shame about it πŸ˜€

        For me, it’s the canopies! The fog and the feeling as if being eaten by the trees… it’s weird to see things like that in person… I wonder how weepy I’d get when I see Peru (one of my dream destinations)…


        1. It is nice that they are not allowed to laugh at us, too. Ah yes, I wish you are able to see Peru once travel is allowed again. We also have yet to explore South America, not sure if Africa comes first or.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Where does he want to go then? With traveling, we really do not care much about the destination as long as we move. It will be interesting how this goes post-pandemic. Can people travel domestic there?

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Yes, it’s allowed. However it’s still quite hot in here so we’re limited by the heat. My husband’s travel palate is very limited (same with me on food). He doesn’t like the idea of sweating, being uncomfortable, not being able to eat well… He is my exact opposite because I love getting lost and asking for directions… he is embarrassed to ask… I love to discover places… he likes the familiar… I love the beach, he doesn’t like the heat of the sun and getting sandy feet…LOL… it seemed funny to look at on threads but it affects us and our choices.. I remember when I first showed him Bora… I had to throw tantrums and his sister had to nag him… as if it was for me… I want to share Bora with him because it’s such a waste to not even experience it as a Filipino… he agreed to go, “For me” hahaha…

                I remember not being able to go to Maldives because he didnt wanna join. He just wants me to come with my sisters.

                He likes cities…


                1. Haha. It can be a challenge. Did you manage to go to Boracay? And Maldives would have been fun. But you know what, if you compromise and just take turns in choosing destinations, you will end up traveling more! I envy you that domestic travel is allowed there. Here, everything is restricted to a suffocating level. But I understand, we cannot afford the coronavirus to run through the country. I really wish an effective vaccine surfaces early next year.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Same. I really wish that cure will be available and whoever manipulates this virus would just end it because it has already damaged enough (yes, i am such a conspiracy freak)…
                    We were able to go to Bora and he loved it so much, but I never got to bring him to the caves because he didn’t like haha, there, we compromised…. we went ziplining and paraw riding (he vomited right after)… he gets easily sick that’s why we dont go on rollercoaster rides anymore… I rode something in Warner Bros. — ALONE!

                    Winter is coming! We would be able to go out more. Come October, the weather will drastically change (like overnight)…& we can finally cross the borders.. I hope that they’d ease it up a little in Pinas… people who travel for relaxation /leisure are more conscientious about covid protocols..

                    Maldives would have been so fun and so cheap! Traveling from here to Maldives is relatively cheaper….

                    Last year, when we were in New York… I asked to tour the boroughs because I wanted to see it for the first time… I went to the lower side of Manhattan… but him? He would rather hang in Soho. I don’t know why he’s like that.

                    You know, Brooklyn and I rummaged the entire Manhattan all day, went to almost all thrift and luxury stores…

                    Imagine, I agreed to solely take care of an ‘always wanna eat and pee boy’ in a city I haven’t seen before just to be able to enjoy it the way I wanted to…

                    My husband has a New Yorker brother so they’d frequent the city even when he was younger, but me? it was my first time… Brook decided to come with me because I am mommy! But it was hard to walk and walk with a kid! We were lost most of the time!!!

                    I even had diarrhea lol and had to find the nearest toilet… I left Brooklyn outside the toilet but he got scared and cried hahaha!!! what an experience!! I was so stressed out because I know it’s illegal to leave a kid unattended… but I’ve got no time sort things out… All I can say is, I am so happy to bring portable bidet everywhere…

                    It was hard but I sacrificed because if not, we’ll hang out all day in starbucks… or korean restaurants… blah blah…

                    Brooklyn and I went on nice restaurants… we chilled like buddies… if it werent for my tummy ache it would have been super perfect haha!


                    1. Yes, looking forward to traveling domestic here, too. Maybe I take my father to Sagada, he has not been and I like how clean the food is there. What is your favorite destination here? Your NY story is hilarious. Poor Brooklyn, victim of your diarrhea. Haha! I am with you on the portable bidet, and I must confess my bladder is the size of a teacup, too. I suppose the bright side with your husband is he allows you to do what you want and does not force you to enjoy what he likes. That is certainly a big plus, right?


                    2. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Sagada. College days… I can barely recall. I just remember how tired we were because we were cycling… I am sure that your father will love Sagada. Filipinos should explore the Philippines more if given an opportunity.. we deserve to see the beauty of our own!

                      Naku, my husband insists on everything he believes and gets disappointed when you’re not convinced by his very passionate attempt to influence everyone. He is lucky though because most people would agree with him; I dont know if for real or for the sake of pleasing him… but it so happened that we are exact opposites and I believe we wouldn’t thrive as a couple if we’re so much alike. I am the only one who can say no way to him vs other people in his life that’s why I am oftentimes deemed the antagonist of the story πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ but he married me for who I am so I guess he had to swallow that hahaha!!! I think he enjoys the irritation if it was from me πŸ˜€


                    3. I cannot remember the last time I was there, has been years, too. To be fair, more people are traveling domestic in recent years. Really appreciate that. In fact, some islands we visited last year had surprisingly more local tourists. And opposite attracts, I suppose? I suspect he enjoys the tension you bring, as you said. It can be charming on the best days, no?


                    4. Hahaha!! He once told me, you are the only person who enjoys someone’s anger πŸ˜€

                      Micah, I can’t believe how many emerging tourist destinations we now have.. I forgot about that one island I’ve read about, with an amazing sandbar…

                      I dont know how old you are (because you look so young!), but when I was younger, there’s this movie Camiguin? It made me fall in love with that island… the only thing is that when I am capable of traveling alone, the trend has changed so I was not able to go… one more thing is Dakak? Do you remember the advertisements in RPN back when we were young?


                    5. We only enjoy it because we love them, or at least tolerate their tantrums, tbh. Haha. Is it Kalanggaman? I love that place, though Markus and I visited it individually. I did solo traveled to there, it was fun. I am so pleased how many local destinations are gaining popularity. Always good to spread the wealth and burden. Never been to Camiguin, and I hope you manage to visit it, too. I heard there is a lot of diving there. I vaguely remember the Dakak commercials but I was too small to really appreciate it. Is that in Davao or?


  3. This is such an interesting post, and it looks like the two of you appreciate the small things in life. I really iked number 9 where you finally understand something. That kind of feeling is so satisfying especially after you spent a lot of hardwork finding out the answer. One of the feelings I like is going to bed after knowing I worked hard all day long. Nothing like a well-deserved good night’s sleep to recharge. Or also ice-cream right before bed time.


    1. Ah yes, the satisfaction that you gave all you had to your day. You are right, it is a lovely feeling, quite accomplished. And ice cream, or any treat when you are craving before bed, is awesome. I suppose it appeals to the child in us. Good choices. Thank you for visiting us, Mabel.


      1. Yes, any treat before bed sounds like a very good idea. Sometimes I also have chocolate before bed, or a nice warm drink. It’s so important to feel the child in us now and again πŸ™‚


        1. Cannot agree with you on the warm drink. It is part of our evening routine. A clear winner is warm oat milk with honey. What is your go-to warm drink? And yes, our inner child must play sometimes, and we are lucky when we find people who make space for it.


          1. Ooo warm oat milk with honey sounds delicious! My go-to warm drink changes. I always like a warm honey lemon ginger drink in the evening. I recently discovered oat milk and also almond milk and really like it with Milo πŸ™‚


  4. I loved reading this!!! Thank you so much for sharing both of your favorite feelings! Long distance bus rides make me happy too, and I miss it so much. Since I’m from Tagaytay and I study in Manila, I always have a 2-3 hour bus ride every time I go home and go back. Missing it so much! πŸ₯Ί

    And you both are just so sweet to each other!! I’m so kilig 😭❀️❀️


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