Wear a mask, you pricks

Here I am, not currently a prick.

I can’t believe this has to be said, but wear a face mask, you pricks! How can something as blindingly obvious as wearing a mask during a global pandemic be a controversial topic all of a sudden?

The coronavirus does not care about your opinion or who you support – it infects everyone! If that is not enough, below are more reasons why you should wear a mask and why you must do it urgently.

1. It is super effective.

Seriously, wearing masks saves lives. If you think you are a tough and hardy individual, what is a bit of itchiness in your face compared to the increased protection that you are awarding everyone else and yourself by wearing a mask? If you think you are protecting anyone’s freedom by not wearing a mask, how about not being a prick and wearing one to protect everyone’s freedom to live instead?

2. It is cheap and easy.

Nobody asks you to go the extra mile here, just to be clear. Masks are everywhere these days, and if you look long and hard enough you will definitely find one for free somewhere. Not wearing a mask now just shows that you are a prick who (wrongly) thinks there is no reason for you personally to worry about Covid-19, so why should you wear a mask?

3. It builds trust.

If you and everyone else wears a mask, people, including you, have to worry less. Why not put the minds of those around you, especially the elderly and other vulnerable populations, at ease by slapping that piece of cloth over your mouth, instead of being a prick and not wearing one out of spite?

4. It protects your loved ones.

Maybe you don’t care about protecting the anonymous masses. But surely you care about protecting your own family? You could catch Covid-19 somewhere and not even know about it. But if your Grandma caught it, you would certainly know. And she will know what a prick you are, when she dies in a coughing fit.

5. It can be a fashion accessory.

You don’t have to care at all about health benefits of masks and still wear one. Buy one of those fashionably printed ones. Take a sharpie and scribble profanities on your mask. This way, you may still be a prick, but at least you are not threatening anyone’s health.

6. It turns you into a role model.

Even in the unlikely case that you wearing a mask does not end up doing anything for you or your loved ones, it still helps. Because other people see you wear a mask and then they will wear one, too. Nothing stops you being a prick like being a role model instead.

7. It will hide the foul smell of your mouth cavity.

Maybe none of these reasons convinced you. Congratulations, you are determined to be a prick. Still wear a mask though, otherwise people will notice the prickly smell coming from your mouth.

In all seriousness, masks do save lives. There is no reason not to wear one in public unless certified by a physician, and it is the least everyone can do to contain the virus as much as possible.

46 thoughts on “Wear a mask, you pricks

  1. Haha! So many pricks in one blogpost. This is hilarious. Come to think of it, I need to mount a speaker on my car and keep screaming at people not wearing facemasks. They really disregard the Covid-19 guidelines in my neighbourhood.


    1. Yes, atoo many people are just blissfully unaware. A virus is much less tangible than a terrorist threat or something like that, so it is easy to ignore until it is too late. A bit like climate change, come to think of it.


  2. I really enjoyed reading this post! The style of writing and the TRUTH behind this post are great. Honestly, I think some people who refuse to wear masks forget that it doesn’t only have an impact on them but also others. It’s kinda basic courtesy to wear one.


    1. Haha yes. The main problem is probably that Covid-19 just isn’t as tangible as things like terrorism or other threats. It is invisible and hard to relate to until things are really bad, so people stop taking it seriously – which can then quickly make things get really bad.

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      1. Markus, I believe things are really bad till now. If you are in a market place,everything looks so normal and the moment you open morning newspaper, the whole scenario is scary.Can’t afford to be careless if our near and dear one catches it and we simply can’t not afford to take care of them.


        1. Yes, I agree 100%. This is why the best we can do is be responsible with our own behaviour and spread awareness as constructively as possible – no matter how frustrating it gets. Stay strong, your efforts are making a difference!

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      1. In my country (Philippines), you’ll get arrested for not wearing a mask in public. This is part of our community quarantine regulation.


            1. Yes, it really shouldn’t be that hard. At the same time, it is a significant behavioural change and those things don’t happen unless their is leadership and some coercion in the mix. Here in Germany people are already taking a more relaxed approach, and cases have been spiking again.


  3. Haha. Love the humor. Agree I can’t believe this is even an issue. Even before the pandemic, wearing masks has been a way to protect your family whenever you’re sick. I guess some people just don’t like being told what to do and are inherently contrary


    1. It can be hard to take something seriously that you don’t directly experience every day. But with the virus, once you do experience it, it’s already too late. Glad you got a chuckle out of it, and I’m sure you are already changing things for the better simply by wearing a mask yourself!

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          1. it is only mandatory in shops, so people walk outside with no mask and they put them on when going indoors. The thing is, it has only become mandatory on the 24th of July. I went out on Saturday, and nobody was wearing it properly: with the nose out, hanging on the chin, or left it loose. The personnel of the shops I have been was not wearing masks as apparently it is not mandatory for them. It is a little bit of a disaster!


            1. Well, the government have made sure that nobody will take the regulations seriously, by repeatedly violating them themselves, issuing unclear guidance and constant contradictions. Like in the US, the UK is pretty much a textbook case of how disastrous bad leadership can be.


                1. Ha yes, that was supposed to be “British common sense”, wasn’t it. Hopefully the new laws will make a difference. Maybe it even normalizes wearing masks to a degree where people start doing it voluntarily.

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  4. … dammit..
    Pointless masks? It’s apparently the anti-mask peeps complying with the letter of the law bug not the intent. I wouldn’t care if it was their own health at risk!!
    I am still FURIOUS about the anti-mask guy I ran unto last ccx week. I keep fantasizing about killing him as self defense. I’d never do something like that but the fantasy makes me feel better.


  5. Hear hear!
    One of the sad aspects of the learning curve that arrived with this novel virus is that early messaging focused on the elderly as the most vulnerable. Well, turns out this virus doesn’t care how old you are, or how fit. Recent (7/26/20) stats for California indicate 60.4% of cases are in people between 18-49. You may survive it, but we still don’t understand the long term impacts on hearts, lungs, brains. EVERYONE needs to wear masks to protect EVERYONE regardless of age or pre-existing conditions.


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