Poisoned in Phuket

Micah and I taking a break from martial arts, on the non-poison nightmarket.
Tasty drinks, sadly in plastic cups with plastic straws in a plastic bag.

While replying to some comments on the post about travel fuck-ups, I remembered a few things. See, I’ve been traveling even before Micah and I got together – and still managed to fuck up enough for two people in the process. So now, a lesson in unnecessary suffering. I hope you have a better time reading it than I had experiencing it.

When Micah and I met for the second time (three times in three different countries all by chance!), I visited Phuket in Thailand to do Krabi Krabong (Micah was practicing Muay Thai). Soon enough, Micah continued traveling and left Phuket, and it soon became time for me to leave, as well.

Since I was set to leave on a late flight, I thought I’d check out one more night market that I had not been to before. After eating some of the regular and always excellent curries and Pad Thai, I suddenly had the urge to try something new.

I vaguely remember that someone had recommended I try some of the fish balls that they had on offer on that night market. So, despite their greasy look and me wondering if maybe they contained more than just fish (other than fish, I hate seafood), I went ahead and had some. Then, to wash them down, I had a strawberry milkshake from a stand nearby. Now, I can’t say for sure what caused my insides to suddenly declare war against me about an hour later while I was in the process of finishing my packing for my flight in a few hours.

All I know was I found myself struggling to contain the organic material quickly trying to make its way out of any available orifice. I’ll spare you the details. Let’s just say I left an extra big tip when I struggled out the door, determined to catch my flight despite my condition. Luckily, my neighbor, who must have spotted me heaving in front of my apartment, gifted me some coal tablets. Otherwise I may not have survived the cab ride to the airport without incident.

Once at the airport, I got a push cart for my baggage (I only had hand luggage, but carrying it was no longer an option), got my boarding pass and then proceeded to collapse on said push cart in front of the airport, to get some fresh air until it was time to head to my plane.

Until today, I am grateful for the person at the baggage screening, who waved me through despite my very obvious tea and large bottle with charcoal-black liquid inside. I spent the half hour or so before the flight hydrating as much as I could and visiting the bathroom a few times, but once the flight took off I almost felt like a human being again.

The lesson: Stay away from strange balls on the day of your flight.

28 thoughts on “Poisoned in Phuket

  1. Thailanf is really a fun place. Loved this post. When I went to Bangkok, I avoided Thai food. But, I respect their cuisine!!! They have an enormous foodie side. The street foods in markets are appealing.


  2. It has always been my nightmare to get sick and having to go on a long-distance flight. I’m glad you made it. Never heard of charcoal tablets, but luckily I seem to have a strong stomach (touch wood…).


  3. Last year when travelling in the UK (nothing as exotic as you!) I decided to try a full English breakfast on my last day at the hotel before leaving for the airport… BAD IDEA. Cheap hotels’ take on breakfast apparently include bad stuff!!! Return was hell!


  4. Indeed. When I travelled in India, I remained strictly vegetarian, and even then was super-careful. It’s so easy, isn’t it, for one little slip-up to ruin things? At this distance, perhaps you’re just enjoying making a good story of it, but Not Funny then.


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