6 Simple breakfasts that guarantee a good day

Every morning, Markus and I have a simple breakfast here at the tiny house in the soon to be Cafe Domingo. The kettle has boiled, the sun is soft and yellow, the birds are singing, and all we need is delicious food! Below are our daily regulars and here’s to wishing we can share one with you one day.

1. Kartoffelpuffer

Or hasbrowns. Or latkes. Or potato pancakes. The name does not really matter. I call it delicious! Eat kartoffelpuffer on days when you feel a little cheeky, when a treat is required for breakfast.

Our mix is simple: two small potatoes, an onion, and apple. We grate it with the food processor (that Markus hates cleaning), and after, squeeze all the water out. Season with salt and pepper and add a tablespoon of flour. Fry until golden and crispy to guarantee a nice day. Makes six.

2. Pandesal with butter and coco jam

Does coco jam exist in other countries or is this a thing in The Philippines? My mother started Markus on pandesal, the everyday bread of Filipinos, with butter and coco jam and it was a hit. Sometimes, she even sends pandesal here to the tiny house so we can have it for breakfast. Maybe one day we will make our own pandesal and coco jam!

3. Gluten-free banana pancakes

It sounds fussy, but we are not at all gluten snobs. We make these one-bowl pancakes because we usually have an over supply of bananas, thanks to my father’s harvest. Also, they are super easy to make: no measuring and no mess.

Just mash two bananas (we prefer the cooking bananas or plantains but any banana works) and add an egg. Mix it together and the batter is done. I fry two spoonfuls for one small pancake. This size is easier to flip. Makes five cute pancakes. Do not forget the honey!

4. Fruit and yogurt

No, this is not your typical Western breakfast for two reasons: One, we make our own yogurt, and two, we have it with sweet, golden, and juicy mangoes. We love yogurt, but as crazy as it sounds, it was almost impossible to find it in the supermarket.

So we just decided to make it ourselves. The result is light and creamy yogurt that is so indulgent it is hard to believe it is good for you. A complete dream. I never thought I would be so proud of a jar of yogurt but here I am.

5. Crepes

When I trained muay thai in Phuket, crepes was a big part of my Sunday breakfast, a treat after a hard week of training. I still make them today, small batch, for days when I know I need sweets for breakfast. This is the recipe I follow – really love the bite on these crepes. It only has a tablespoon of sugar, but no worries, I make up for it with luscious ribbons of condensed milk.

6. Eggs and toast

Nothings beats eggs and toasts on some days. Simple does not mean not special though. I make sure they are made correctly so the eggs are soft and fluffy and a delight to eat. We call them eggies and they remind us of clouds. I would be surprised if anyone does not enjoy this. I think it is the ultimate in eggs and toast for breakfast.

There you go – my list of simple breakfast ideas that guarantee a good day. Make sure you visit us one day after this coronavirus chaos is over and we will be more than happy to cook and eat the perfect breakfast with you!

22 thoughts on “6 Simple breakfasts that guarantee a good day

  1. Never heard of coco jam before.

    Thx for the banana pancake recipe!!

    I love mangos but it is soooo hard to find the sweet ones unless buying frozen.


    1. Maybe coconut jam is a thing from The Philippines. Yes, mangoes are awesome. But I think frozen fruit is generally okay, no? We are so lucky to have the freshest and sweetest mangoes here!


      1. Haha i tried it only once. Can’t say I’m a fan, but i should try an authentic one in Thailand someday before I dismiss it entirely 😂


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