5 Everyday Things I Never Regret Doing

Some days, I feel like a champion and go through my day like a competent adult. Other times, I have to convince myself to do stuff. The extra push is worth it though, at least for these five every day activities that never regret doing.

1. Waking up early.

Before moving here, I would sleep half the day away. Now I have more time to do things I like, such as gardening and exercising, which as you know, takes a serious time investment.

The loft window of the tiny house faces the East so Markus and I wake up with the sun and the sweet song of birds. Due to the lockdown, we have yet to buy blackout curtains for this window but it has served us well so far. Every day in the tiny house is simple but it is filled with activities that add value to our lives. But I think my favorite reason for waking up early is it makes me sleep early, too.

2. Making my bed.

We wake up together and go to bed together. It is a healthy habit. When we rise, we make our bed. Because it makes me feel like a responsible and capable adult. Also, in case the rest of the day is terrible, I can always go back to a well-made bed and tell myself that at least I got that going for me.

3. Cooking my own food.

There is something so satisfying about knowing what goes inside my body. Markus and I cook all of our meals and we keep it simple so it is never a chore. You will be surprised how far five whole food ingredients and 10 minutes can take you.

4. Taking care of my plants.

Currently, we have 41 houseplants. Only. Because it is quarantine season and I cannot really shop greenhouses. The total plant number goes up when you count those living in our balcony, and I will not even bother if we include the garden (You can see more of our tiny house on Instagram).

Being surrounded by plants makes a big difference in mood, but the magic happens in actually taking care of them. I learn new things every day, sweat, feel a sense of purpose and responsibility, find joy in new blooms and leaves, practice patience in propagating, get incredibly excited with the first roots – I can honestly go on and on.

Does anyone know if research has been done on the relationship between gardening and the improvement of mental health? Just try taking care of a beginner plant then. You will know what I am talking about.

5. Driving.

This is probably the most productive use of my quarantine time. Every day, for 30 minutes, I practice my Level Zero driving skills. Markus is very patient with me and encourages me all the time. But do I look forward to driving?


But do I have to do it because it is an important life skill to have? Yes. So I am sticking with it, and all these other activities, because it makes me feel like I am putting my limited number of days into good use.

8 thoughts on “5 Everyday Things I Never Regret Doing

  1. Lovely post ❤️ i agree waking up early makes a huge difference to how my day will go as well. I kind of just know it’s going to be good and productive if i wake up with the sunrise.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I find it hard to write a lot, and wish I can do it more. I just have to keep trying, I suppose! And yes, waking up early makes a big difference. Somehow, it makes me feel fresher. Do you feel like that, too?

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