A haircut in times of crisis

Going in. Café Domingo open for business soon.

In stark contrast to the rest of me, my hair seems to have taken advantage of these weeks in enhanced community quarantine to put a lot of work into growing as much as possible. Now, having hair that grows is great and all (as my father tends to remind me), but skyrocketing temperatures of summer in The Philippines, combined with an inability to visit the barber’s made for an increasingly desperate situation.

Imagine my delight, then, when I noticed that Micah’s father managed to get a haircut somehow. I immediately asked her about it, which led to her asking him, which led to him not wasting any time and calling the local barber, again, for a home visit. One chair in a shady spot, in front of the outdoor aquarium in the back garden later, and we were ready to go.

Of course, inviting people into the house comes with a bit of an infection risk, but since the whole place here has been in enhanced community quarantine for almost a month now with zero reported cases, I was pretty confident that things would be okay. On top of that, he admirably wore a mask for the entire performance.

Besides, my biggest worry was that he would just give me the same treatment that he gave Micah’s father, namely the quick and painless full head buzzcut. I don’t consider myself a vane person, but my last buzzcut goes back to my military days 10 years ago – and I don’t remember particularly liking it.

Coming out a changed man. Success?

Fortunately, though, things went perfectly well. He came, cut and even shaved things nicely. At least I think so. Micah seems happy with how things look (which, realistically, is what actually counts) and I’m quickly getting used to not constantly having hair in my face and being able to feel the occasional breeze more vividly than before. Even better, the whole thing just cost the equivalent of four dollars.

So, all in all, a successful day. Not much, perhaps, in the grand scheme of things, but especially in times of crisis you have to take what you can get. And maybe tomorrow I’ll write about cutting my fingernails!

6 thoughts on “A haircut in times of crisis

  1. Lucky you! A haircut is a luxury in this time of quarantine; I surmise that most of us who were unable to have a haircut before the lockdown would have Beatle-style mop tops now.


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